Leprosy is an infectious disease. It is infected by bacteria named ‘Isilluous Leproe’. Isilluous Leproe is entered in the body through mucus membrane or through opened skin. After that, these bacteria generate nodes on the skin or disordering of the nervous systems causes malfunctioning of the body activities and the symptoms of leprosy begin to appear. These bacteria present around the opened wounds of the patient and near his nose and is entered into the body by means of clothes used by the patient or bed bug. In 1871, Dr. Hanson discovered these bacteria. It occurs in two forms- Tubercular leprosy and White anesthetic leprosy.

Tubercular leprosy:-

In tubercular leprosy, first of all, red urticarea appears every where on the body with violent pain or red nodes occurs. After that, the mouth of it is gets opened and severe wounds appear on that place. The part of the body like- the hairs of the eyelids and eyebrow are fallen and fingers, toes and mucus membrane of the nose begin to fallen after decomposition and sometimes burning sensation and swelling occurs in the lungs causes the death of patient. 

Anesthetic leprosy:-

In this disease, bacteria attack on all the nerves as a result of it, violent pain occurs everywhere on the body and then the skin of that place becomes insensitive to touch. After that, big boils are erupted and leprosy attacks after becoming the muscles thin. It affects badly and persists for 8 to 15 years.


In this disease, blotches with fast pain or blotches with unbearable pain appear on the skin. Incurable wounds or incurable fester occur in the legs. In this disease, the skin becomes thick; wrinkles are fallen on the face, patient feels clank in few parts of his body due to infection of this disease on the nerves.

Treatment of leprosy by different drugs:-

1. Ars iodide:- In leprosy, if nodes have swollen; the finger and toes begin to fallen after decomposition, feeling pain like pricking thorn, etc. then using the powder of Ars iodide 3x is very effective.  

2. Hydrocotyle:- It is a very effective drug for leprosy. If the skin has become thick and scabs form on that place, but wounds do not generate then 5 drops of the mother tincture of this drug or its 6 potency should be used. This drug is also used in the condition of thick skin, generating itching sensation in the chest, palm and sole, etc.  

3. Baccilinum:- The patient suffering from leprosy should take Besilnum 200 once in a fortnight (15 days). Remember that any other drugs should not be used before and after 1 day of taking this drug. 

4. Belladonna:- Taking Belladonna 3x is very useful in the condition of redness of the skin with acute fever.

5. Arum met:- If offensive secretion begins from the nose, patient becomes irritable temperament and he tries to commit suicide, Arum met 30 or 200 should be given to him.

6. Sepia:- If brown or yellow blotches present on the skin, Sepia 6 should be taken in such case.

7. Ars Alb:- Taking Ars Alb 3x is very useful in both case like generating wounds with or without pain.

8. Lachesis:- If severe wounds present on the skin, any potency between Lachesis 6 to 30 can be used.

9. Sulphur:- The patient suffering from leprosy should take any potency between Sulphur 30 to 200 at an interval of long gaps.

10. Komocledia:- If the skin has turned in white, taking Komocledia 2x is beneficial.

11. Ars iodide:- If patient feels pricking sensation like thorns, fingers and thumbs begins to fallen after decomposition then take Ars Iodide 3x at an interval of every one hour.

12. Pareira:- In this disease, using Pareira 6 to 30 is also very effective.

13. Graphites:- This drug is used in the case of sticky secretion caused by chilblains or cracked skin. In such symptoms, 6 or 30 potency of this drug is used.

14. Crotalus:- Taking Crotalus 3 for a long time is beneficial in leprosy.

15. Astilego:- Using Astilego 2x or its mother tincture is very effective in the case of leprosy.

Special treatment:- Leprosy should be treated according to the advice of a doctor just in the initial stage of it. The patient suffering from leprosy should always keep his body neat and clean and keep away from others. Meat and fish should not be eaten. He should take nutritive diet. The patient should massage the affected part with wood oil.

In this disease, we should not leave the patient alone, but his bed should be kept away from the utensils used for cooking. The things used by the patient should be kept as separate. After touching the patient’s things, we should wash our hands and legs well and careful about cleanliness.