Influenza is a highly infectious disease.Introduction:

Influenza is a highly infectious disease. The virus of this disease spreads suddenly. The virus of this disease is known by the name of influenza too. The patient feels nothing except crackling sound in the body till one or two days after entering its virus into the body by any way. After that, the patient suffers from such types of symptoms as alternate feelings of heat and cold, rising temperature 100 to 103 degree, rising temperature till 106 as the disease aggravates badly, soft naval and sometimes hard, headache, discharging dilute substance like phlegm from the eyes and nose, sneezing, stretching, pain in all the bones of the body, stiffness in the neck, filth on the tongue, vomiting or retching, insomnia, anorexia and numbness in the body. The disease named influenza resemblance to cold-catarrhal fever.

Other symptoms are as scanty or profuse urine due to watery loose motions because of the disorders in the intestines, urine diseases, sensation of gloominess, inflammation in the breathing pipe and lungs, often bleeding from the nose, mouth and anus, collapse fever, difficulty in breathing, sometimes crying, loose motions and the patient seems to be lost in coma.

All body organs of the body become influenced due to this disease. Therefore, it should be treated properly otherwise there is a doubt of many troubles.

What should be done and what not after being affected from influenza:

1. Take steam to open the blocked nose.

2. Don’t go near about the sufferer of this disease.

3. Don’t use hanky, towel, drinks and food stuffs used by the sufferer.

4. The patient should not smoke otherwise the disease can aggravates.

5. The patient gets relief if he gargles with lukewarm water by mixing salt.

6. The patient should take foodstuffs full of vitamin C.

7. The patient should never take wine.

8. Hand should be washed properly after having meal, evacuation of excrement and before preparing food.

9. The symptoms of the patient aggravates by drinking liquid. Therefore, liquids should be used in minimum quantity. If drinking cold drinks is necessary, take it only 3-4 times a day.

10. The patient should not work laboriously.

11. Taking fresh fruit and vegetables provides relief in this disease. So such foodstuffs should be taken.

12. The patient of this disease should take light, balanced diet, toast, bananas, rice, pulse and boiled potatoes.

13. The disease can spread if the patient coughs and sneezes. So, keep away to such patients.

14. The inoculation of flu is necessary for the patient especially when the patient has been suffering from flu but the symptoms are not serious.

15. A healthy person should not sleep with the patient of this disease.

16. The patient should be kept away from the crowd.

17. The patient should take ginger and garlic. These are very beneficial to reduce the temperature.

Treatment of influenza by using different medicines:

1. Camphor: In the early stage of fever, the patient should take the medicine Camphor. Some drops of its mother tincture also provide a relief but it only decreases the temperature of the patient. Mother tincture does not end the disease by root. The disease does not become serious if mother is taken again and again by mixing with water and the patient gets relief within a definite time.

2. Nux vomica: The medicine Nux Vomica-200 is beneficial for the treatment of influenza.

3. Nux: The disease influenza disappears within some hours by taking one dose of higher potencies of this medicine. This medicine works like prophylactic for the treatment of the disease named influenza. This medicine is used when the patient suffers from these symptoms as sensation of cold, feeling cold in extreme heat, onset of the shivering in the body as the patient moves his feet, feeling heat by covering a cloth, cough, catarrh, pain in the body, symptoms of flu and the patient wants to put off his clothes but he starts to shiver as he puts off his clothes.

4. Upetorium perfoliyetum: If the patient suffers from these symptoms as pain in the bones and muscles, restlessness but getting relief by movement, hot skin and no or scanty sweating, the patient should take mother tincture or 3 potencies of the medicine Upetorium Perfoliyetum.

There is pain in the both eyes without movement, no sweating, headache and the patient suffers from thirst in the beginning and after that he feels cold. The patient should take Upetorium Perfoliyetum to get relief.

5. Gelsimium: If the patient of influenza suffers from these symptoms as headache, cold and catarrh, sensation of excessive weakness, feeling cold, drowsiness and not thirst, the patient should take 1, 3 or 30 potencies.

If the patient has been suffering from cold, he should take first of all the medicine aconite. In this condition the medicine Nux can be taken to get relief.

6. Bryonia: The patient suffers from pain in the bones and he wants to lye on the bed. Besides it, he does not want to move and pain aggravates in the hands and feet if he moves. The patient, who suffers from these symptoms, should take 1 or 12 potencies of this medicine to get relief.

7. Gels: The patient should take the medicine named Gels in such symptoms as pain in the bones, no thirst and sensation of sleeping because of which the patient does not want to move.

8. Amonia carb:  When the patient becomes well in this disease but he suffers from cough, he should take Ammonia-200 to get relief.      

9. Arsenic album: This medicine is used in the early stage of this disease. When the attack of this disease comes down but the patient suffers from different troubles as different types of pains in the body and fever rises and reduces alternatively. In this condition, the patient should take Arsenic Album-200 to get relief. 

10. Belladonna: If the patient suffers from thirst, flushed and red face along with several other symptoms, the use of the medicine Belladonna provides a lot of relief.

11. Rhus tox: If the patient suffers from such symptoms as scanty thirst but drinking a little water again and again, getting relief by movement along with several other symptoms, he should take Rhus Tox 6-30.

12. Arsenic: If the patient suffers from such symptoms as mentally restlessness along with thirst because of which the patient gets no relief anywhere, he should take the medicine Arsenic. Restlessness of the patient is mentally not physically.

13. Surcolectick acid: When this disease spreads rapidly and the patient suffers from such symptoms as excessive weakness in the body, watery loose motions and vomiting, retching, pain in the body and excessive laziness, the patient should take Surcolectic Acid 6-30 to get relief.

14. Natrum sulph: The medicine Natrum Sulph 12x is very beneficial for the treatment of this disease. The disease influenza takes birth because of the cold air and living in a cool place. The patient feels cold and weakness when he gets relief. Such types of patients should take the medicine Natrum Sulph to get relief. Mostly 30 potencies should be taken for good relief.

15. Baptisia: The patient of influenza suffers from such symptoms as excessive laziness, vacant look like mad, sensation of pressure and pain in the eyes, sensation of heaviness in the head, filthy and dry tongue, sores on the tongue, stiffness, restlessness, stinking breath and the patient sleeps on the bed by stretching hand and he thinks that something has lost. Besides these, the patient suffers from crying and weeping, sensation of breaking the body into three parts which are lying on the bed and he feels sad because of not joining them. In these conditions, the use of the medicine Baptisia 1x or 6 potencies should be taken for relief.