When wound appears due to getting hurt by anything and does not cure easily, it starts to decompose after becoming chronic, it is called ‘Gangrene’. There are two types of this disease- dry and moist.


Gangrene occurs due to different reasons like- bone fracture, pressure on the arteries, wounds appearing due to burning, getting too much cold, due to electric shock and due to chemical effects or diabetes. Sometimes, this disease occurs due to giving medicine in the arteries by injection. This disease also occurs due to carbuncle, wounds occurring due to injury on any part of the body and due to bedsore. This disease can occur due to paralysis attack in the throat muscles and ethrokadiny, etc.  


In the case of gangrene, patient does not feel any type of sensation (reaction) on the obsessed part. He does not feel hot, cold and pain on the obsessed part. In the condition of this disease, the affected part starts to change its colour like- first of all, that place is changed into yellow then purple, brown and in the last, it is changed into green, black or dark black. In the case of moist gangrene, there is high possibility of infection. 

What should we do or not in the case of gangrene:-

  • Take proper treatment of boils or carbuncle.
  • Keep the obsessed part dry and open all the time so that it can get pure air.
  • Getting air on the obsessed part provides relief.
  • The patient should keep the affected part as motionless.
  • In the case of gangrene in a diabetes patient, he should take balanced diet and control his sugar level by taking medicine and never walk with naked legs.
  • The gangrene patient should always wear comfortable shoes.
  • Keep away himself from matchstick, electric wire and chemicals because all these things are harmful for him. 

Important notes:-

If any of above said symptoms are present in a person, he should consult a doctor immediately and take treatment.