Mostly, it can be the symptoms of other diseases. Due to this disease, gas is filled in the intestines and stomach and restlessness occurs. The stomach keeps on inflating and gas comes out from the anus occasionally too. Gas keeps on producing in the digestive systems and coming out through the anus or as belches.


  • Due to eating partially cooked food stuffs and fibrous diet like- vegetables and falian, etc. on which bacteria present, etc., gas starts on forming in the stomach and disease called ‘flatulence’ occurs.
  • During eating and drinking, if gas returns from the digestive path, flatulence can occur.
  • Due to eating in hurry, disordering is taking place in the digestive system that is also the reason of this disease.
  • This disease occurs due to infection of bacteria in the digestive path.


Due to flatulence, gas is filled in the stomach and it gets stretched, pain takes place in it and belches go on coming, gas also comes from the anus. The patient suffering from this disease feels burning sensation in his chest, heart beating, breathing impairment, producing rumbling sound inside the stomach, frequent urination or having difficulty while urination, etc. symptoms are found in the suffered person.

What should we do or not in the case of this disease:-

  1. The flatulence patient should change his habit immediately like- eating food in hurry.
  2. Food should be chewed well, because partially chewed food is responsible for much gas in the stomach.
  3. If gas comes out from the anus with offensive smell, Protein, eggs and meat should be taken away.
  4. Foods having rich quantity of carbohydrate like- rice, turnip, potatoes should be taken in limit.
  5. He should not eat pulses, fibrous vegetables like- cauliflower or cabbage or falion, etc.
  6. Alcohol, soya, cheese, grain, carbonic beverages, coca or thums up, etc. should not be taken.
  7. Spicy and fried food should not be taken.
  8. Using garlic is very useful to protect from this disease.
  9. Liquid things should be taken in enough quantity, but do not take at the time of eating food.
  10. Do not eat over (more that hunger).
  11. Eat food two or three times in a day, eating frequently is harmful.
  12. In the night, eat less that hunger.
  13. He should use curd with food, because it is helpful in forming the cells of the intestine.
  14. Mostly, fat people have suffered from this disease, so they should try to loose their weight, it will provide benefits.
  15. Taking exercise regularly helps in digestion and food digests properly and the possibility of this becomes less.
  16. For proper digestion, practicing of Yoga and meditation are also very effective, because it makes mental depression less violent.
  17. If this disease becomes much serious then consult a doctor immediately and should control on your diet for 2 to 3 days.