Breathing pipe (tube) of the throat is called the Trachea. It is divided in two parts which is called Bronchia. These two bronchi are two breathing pipe, one of them meets to the right lung and other to the left lung. When a person comes suddenly from hot weather to cold weather, air-tube becomes swelled due to this changing.    


In the condition of bronchitis, the patient feels slight (low) fever, cold, dry cough and difficulty in breathing. If these symptoms of bronchitis are not treated well or on time according to them, bronchitis is aggravated to the lungs, called Pneumonia.      


There are several reasons of bronchitis- excessive smoking, due to allergy from dust, working in coal mines and by metallic work, etc. Bronchitis can be divided into two kinds- initial stage and desperate stage.

Use of different drugs in the initial stage of Bronchitis:-


If bronchitis has occurred suddenly due to living in cold weather, besides it, the patient feels contraction of his chest, dry cough, discharging of solid phlegm, pain while coughing, fever and aggravation of diseases at night, etc., giving Aconite 6 or 30 in the initial stage of this disease is very useful.


If bronchitis patient has no any symptoms in the initial stage of this disease like restlessness, Aconite drug can be given to him. Taking Belladonna is very useful if symptoms as burning sensation or any types of mental symptoms do not occurred. Ferrum-phos can be given at an interval between both the drugs. Ferrum-phsos 3x or 3 or 6 can be also given in the condition of weakness, difficult breathing, disturbed breathing, cough with bleeding, etc.    


The patient suffers from fast dry cough, solid phlegm, hot and dry skin, but covered part is soft, severe fever too, etc. Thus, Belladonna 3, 30 or 200 should be given.


In infantile bronchitis, the child goes on coughing all the time, breathing process in not properly, whir sound produced by the chest while coughing or breathing, starts vomiting, etc. Thus, Ipecac 3, 30 or 200 should be taken in such symptoms.  


In the condition of bronchitis, the chest of the patient produces whirr sound all the time due phlegm in the chest which is discharging in a little quantity. The patient is coughing at night as if he has suffocated. Phlegm is filled in the breathing tube. Thus, giving Antim-tart 3x or 30 or 200 is very useful.


Cough of the patient aggravates in the evening. The patient feels as if his chest is tearing, feel profuse sweating and as sweating increases as his condition becomes worse. The part from the mouth to the chest feels pain with wet tongue. Thus, Merc-sol 30 or 200 can be given in such symptoms of disease.


In the condition of bronchitis, yellow phlegm or bloody phlegm discharges. Phlegm is so rigid, dry and sticky due to which, the patient’s body starts to tremble by coughing, he has fast desire to drink cold water, and saliva is salty or sweet. Gets some relief from disease by taking rest, etc. thus, giving Phosphorus 30 is beneficial.


If the well choosen drugs make no impression, Sulphur 30 can be given addition to them.


First of all, the doctors give Tuberculinum in bronchitis or other lungs diseases, because according to them, it provides relief soon.  Like Sulphur, this drug can be also given at an interval of other drugs. But only one of both the drugs can be taken.

Use of different drugs in the condition of Pneumonia:-

If bronchitis of the patient is not treated on time, it is converted into Pneumonia.

There are 3 stages of Pneumonia:-

  • Swelling stage, in which the lungs get swell due to exposure to cold, the patient feels fever and goes on coughing all the time. Thus, giving Aconite is very useful.
  • Coarse (fat) stage, in which phlegm is filled in the lungs due to which, the lungs are expanded like liver. Thus, Bryonia can be given.
  • Maturity stage, in which if phlegm has been soluble, the patient gets well and if phlegm has not been soluble, the patient can die too.


Kali-carb is used in the case of Pneumonia. If the patient is suffering from difficult breathing, pain in the right lung due to which, the patient is not able to lie down on that side. In the case of infantile pneumonia, phlegm is filled in the lungs, the patient feels cough all the time, the lungs produce a whirring sound due to phlegm filled deeply in the lungs. These types of symptoms are aggravated between 3 to 5 o’clock in the morning. Thus, giving Kali-carb 6x or 30 or 200 is beneficial.


If pneumonia attacks on the left lung, Natrum-sulph can be given. This type of pneumonia is found with asthma. This type of disease occurs due to living or sitting in moist air or moist room. This type of symptom is aggravated in between 4-5 o’clock in the morning. Thus, giving Natrum-sulph 12x is beneficial for the patient.


Pneumonia attacks in the lower section of the right lung, but the patient is lying down on the right side not on the left side. The patient cough is so fast due to which, his whole the body starts shaking, the patient feels nervousness and tries to control cough, blood comes with spit, he craves for cold water, afraid to live in alone, etc. thus, giving Phosphorus 30 is beneficial.


Lycopodium 30 is very effective in the condition of accumulated of phlegm inside the lungs, contraction of the skin of the forehead and face due to pain inside the lungs, movement of the nostrils while inhaling (breathing), disease gets aggravated from 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock in the evening, etc.  

Important notes:-

It is necessary to remember following tips in the condition of bronchitis:-

  • Smokers should take off the habit of smoking and if they have any difficulty, lessen smoking.
  • Milk, milk products, butter, etc. should not be taken.
  • The patient should not live in a dry or hot room.
  • The patient should work hard.
  • The patient should gargle with lukewarm water after adding salt in it in the condition of bronchitis.
  • The patient should protect himself from dust, smoke and from the patient suffering from cold and catarrh.
  • The patient should take more fruits and green vegetable in his diet.