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[ A ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

Anilinum is very useful drug for curing excessive giddiness and headache.

Use of Anilinum in different symptoms: - 

Face-related Symptoms: -

Anilinum is an efficacious drug in the case of facial cyanosis.

Symptoms associated with Swelling: -

Anilinum is used for curing swelling and pain of the penis and testes

Symptoms related with Urine: -

Anilinum should be used in ureter swelling, anemia with skin discoloration, lips cyanosis, anorexia and indigestion

Symptoms associated with Skin diseases: - 

This medicine should be used for curing itching of the whole body.

Relation: -

Arsenic and Anti-pyrine can be compared with Anilinum medicine.