Ammonium causticum




Introduction: -

Ammonium Causticum makes the heartbeat fast. Smelling this medicine in the conditions of thrombosis, hemorrhage, snake poisoning and senselessness due to chloroform, etc. provides quick relief in such conditions and unconsciousness is removed.

Ammonium Causticum is a powerful medicine and creates oedema and ulceration in the mucous membranes. So, it is used accordingly these symptoms. This medicine should be used for curing water-brush during membranous croup

Useful in different symptoms: -

Symptoms of the Respiration Systems: -

Ammonium Causticum should be used in the cases of inhaling problems, phlegm comes out with cough, hoarseness, throat burning with jerk and suffocation, feeling of throat pain by deep inhaling, diphtheria with nose burning and scratching, and nose running. 

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

In the cases of excessive tiredness, debility, pain in the shoulders joints and dried or hot skin, Ammonium Causticum should be used.  

Dose: -

Ammonium Causticum should be used in 1st to 3rd potencies to cure diseases.