In the case of jaundice, the skin of the body is turned into yellow even the white part inside the eyes. If a person has yellow skin and eyes, has suffered from jaundice. This yellowness is due to presence of vilurubin in the blood. It forms due to death of red blood cells.


In the case of jaundice, the skin, eyes, nails, etc. are become yellow. Urine also converts into yellow.

Use of different drugs in the case of jaundice:-

1. Aconite- If this drug is given to the patient in the initial stage of jaundice, it can be cured completely. Besides it, the patient keeps on changing his sides in the whole night with nervousness and restlessness; he keeps on feeling violent thirst that is not quenched even after drinking water again and again, but becomes more violent; all the things become pungent in taste except water; urine is turned into black; the patient starts on feeling pain in the lower section of the stomach by toughing. So, giving Aconite 3 is beneficial in such symptoms. If the patient has used drugs contains mercury in an appropriate quantity, this disease can be controlled by the use of Merc-sol. If he has used drugs contains mercury additionally (in over quantity), China should be given.

2. Brayonea-  In the case of jaundice, it becomes aggravated by any movement; he is not able to tolerate even a little pressure on the liver; he is not able to move; feeling difficulty in breathing; in the case of cough, he feels as if his liver will burst, etc. then Brayonea 30 can be given. 

3. Chiyonanthus- It is known to be an important drug for the liver disease. The patient’s eyes become yellow completely, pain in the navel section, watery stools come in yellow colour. The liver becomes large, the patient becomes too weak, urine comes in black colour, etc., taking Chiyonanthus juice is beneficial. In addition to it, it is known to be very effective drug for chronic jaundice.

4. Sulphur- If Sulphur 200 is given to the patient in the initial stage of jaundice, it provides relief.

5. Chalidonium-  In the beginning of jaundice, if Sulphur makes no impression, Chalidonium can be given to him. Chalidonium 3 or tis juice should be given to the patient in the symptoms like- feeling pain in his liver section, becoming the taste as pungent, thickening layer on the tongue, changing the eyes, face, hands and skins into yellow, coming yellow colour urine, lack of appetite, nauseate, vomiting contains bile, the patient has desire to eat hot food and drink hot water, etc.

6. Merc-sol- If the liver of the patient becomes swell with other symptoms of jaundice, due to which he can not lie down on the right side, he is not able to tolerate any type of pressure on the liver and feeling pricking pain like needle in it, the patient keeps on feeling thirst again and again even in the condition of wet of the tongue, having itching sensation too much in the night while sleeping, aggravating the disease due to increasing heat just after lying down, becoming the taste like pungent, marks of the teeth fall on the tongue, he does not feel comfortable even after profuse sweating, yellow sweat comes out due to which, clothes are also changed into yellow, etc., giving Merc-sol 2 or 30 is beneficial.

        If fever also comes in the beginning of jaundice, it can be treated by Aconite and then Merc-sol can be given to the patient. But, if fever does not come and the disease becomes little chronic, China is given for 7 days and then Merc-sol is given.

7. Pod phylum:- If a person has passed few days with jaundice and there is no any bad effects are found on his health, this drug is beneficial. The patient has been suffering from constipation and loose motions after one-another as- sometimes stools is suppressed completely and sometimes comes additionally; flatulence, the liver pains, it can be the possibility of blood vomiting, bad belches come too much, etc., giving Pod phylum 6 or its juice is very good for the patient.

8. Myrica-seriphera- This drug acts better on the liver. If the patient becomes sleepless completely, feels pain in the shoulders and the back part of the neck, in all the muscles of the body, yellow skin with itching sensation in it, pain in the right leg and yellow or black colored layer congeal on the tongue, etc., giving 3 potency of this drug or its juice is very useful.

9. Digitalis- If pulse run irregularly or haltingly, Digitalis acts better in this symptom. In addition to it, the patient feels nausea as if vomiting is about to come, feeling sleepy and after sometimes, his whole the body change into yellow even the eyes and the nails are also changed into yellow, stool is colourless and comes as the colour of beer, pulse rate is only 30 per minute, if such types of symptoms occur due to liver diseases, the mother tincture or 3rd or 30th potency of the this drug should be used to end such symptoms.

10. Nux-vomica- If a person has suffered from jaundice after getting angry, Nux-vomica is very good at that time. Due to jaundice, mental symptoms also occur in the patient as- rough behave about others, abusing, quarreling on a little topics, he likes to cover himself with clothes because he feels cold too much, he is cold natured, his face becomes yellow, the taste becomes pungent due to which chapattis are also become pungent. The liver gets swell and becomes tough, and the patient keeps on feeling pain by touching it. In this way, the patient becomes physically and mentally weak. Thus, Nux-vomica 6 or 30 is very useful for the patient.     

11. Natrum-sulph- Natrum-sulph is known to be very effective for the liver diseases. It is also very useful in the liver diseases with other symptoms like- headache, becoming the tongue yellow or brown, etc.

12. China- The liver gets swell, becomes tough and the patient keeps on feeling pain by touching it, obstruction comes in the gall bladder, pain starts, taste becomes bad, flatulence, coming much belches, patient feels too much weakness in the night, he also is not able to tolerate cold air, feels violent hunger or lack of appetite, he gets anorexia by just seeing bread, beer, butter, meat, ghee, hot coffee or hot food, etc. thus, giving China 6 or 30 is very useful.        

13. Sepia- Sepia 200 is very useful in the symptoms like- swelling in the liver, enlargement of liver with pain, flatulence, restlessness in the liver area, too much irritation, do not talk politely with others, feeling violent hunger that is not calm after taking meals, constipation, etc.        

14. Dolicos-puriance-  In the case of jaundice, white stool excretes out; violent itch begins in the whole body without appearing eruptions. Thus, Dolicos-puriance 6 should be given.

15. Chamomile- The patient becomes irritable temperament, remains angry all the time, swelling in the liver, pain that is intolerable for the patient, etc. then giving Chamomila 30 is very useful.



  • In the case of jaundice, drinking sugarcane juice is very useful, because sugarcane juice is known to be enemy of jaundice.
  • The jaundice patient should drink 2-3 glasses of fresh vegetables daily.
  • He should not take milk, cheese, and non-vegetarian food.
  • The jaundice patient should not take alcohol.
  • He should drink enough cold water.