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It is a type of disease related to the central nervous systems. The brain and few portion of it of the patient suffering from this disease become irritate. The patient goes on effervescing something slowly; sometimes he starts to speak loudly, different types of movement start in his body organs. Sometimes the patient weeps and sometimes laughs and in other moment starts to cry. If the madness of the patient becomes violent, he cuts, beats and starts to run away. If any one tries to hold such patient, he is not controlled by him. Severe fever also occurs in such patient.

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1.     Hyoscyamus-


    The condition of madness occurs in the patient, he wants to run away; if anyone goes to him, he cuts and beat him; he starts to behave like indecency with anyone; becomes naked; he does not tolerate light; he feels fear as if anyone does not give poision or bluff. When nurse says to him that lye down, he is lied down immediately and sleep. Thus, using Hyoscyamus 30 is very effective for the treatment of such patient.
    2.     Belladonna-


      If the patient’s eyes have become red, his madness has increased too much, tear his clothes, his mind becomes out of his control and he cuts, beats to other peoples, make a noise and goes on crying, grinds his teeth, talks vulgar, starts to stare anything, etc., Belladonna is very useful to cure his disease.
      3.     Stramonium-


        Stramonium 30 is used to cure the condition of madness, but it should be considered that his madness is normal because to cure the violent symptoms of madness, Belladonna is used. Something is visible to him as appearing from every corners of a room, several types of animals faces are visible to him due to which, he afraid about them. Sometime the patient goes on singing and laughing and involving in other moment, make his face in different forms; sometime he starts to pray; but in the other moment he starts to cry. Sometimes he starts to shout and in other moment he cries save me! Save me!; talk foolishly, he sees ghost around himself, etc. thus, using Stramonium 30 is beneficial for the treatment of the patient suffering from such symptoms.
        4.     Lachesis-


          The patient goes on talking on a single topic with crying and shouting; sometimes the patient suddenly starts to speak about other unrelated topics; he goes on murmuring even in the condition of madness, etc. thus, Lachesis 30 or 200 should be used to cure such disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms.
          5.     Agaricus-


            The patient goes on singing something, talking but does not reply; he is brave and fearless; he puts small steps for a long distances and big steps for a short distance; suddenly becomes dangerous; wandering like a mad; fights and bets others and then he becomes sad suddenly; does not do any work; his body becomes lazy due to tiredness, etc. thus, using Agaricus 30 or 200 is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient.
            6.     Veretrum Album-

            Veretrum Album-

              The patient cries and shouts violently with cold outer skin of the body; cold sweating from the forehead; the condition of a patient becomes like death. Few other symptoms are also found with above symptoms like- fighting and beating, crying and tearing clothes, etc. thus, using Veretrum Album 30 is very effective for the treatment of such symptoms of the patient.