Lack of nutritive elements in the body becomes the cause of physical weakness or if a person is mentally and physically weak along with a disease, it is called debility. In this disease, a person becomes mentally weak.


Vomiting, loose motions, too much sexual intercourse sleep, fasting, grief, suppression of urine and stool, little meals, anxiety and fear are some causes of physical weakness.


The body becomes thin and weak because of physical weakness. In this case, several kinds of diseases occur in the body.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     China-


    If bleeding starts from any part of the body like- nose, mouth, lungs, uterus or due to getting hurt and due to which, the sufferer feels weakness in the whole body, china eliminates this weakness. Besides it, in the case of weakness occurring due to loose motions for a long time or additional emission of sperm, giving China 6 or 30 is very useful. Due to weakness, if the face is turned into yellow, giving 1-2 drops of China for 2-3 days is beneficial.
    2.     Calcarea-phos-


      If a person becomes weak due to any disease from a long time, Calcarea-phos 3x can be given to him. It eliminates his weakness soon. Besides it, giving Calcarea-phos 30 is very useful in the weakness occurred due to working hard, due to mental problems, due to lack of blood in the small children, by falling cold of hands and legs, due to indigestion, etc.
      3.     Sorinum-


        Sorinum is very useful in the weakness coming due to typhoid or diphtheria. Patient feels as if over weakness has come in his body, keeps on feeling cold all the time, does not like to do any work, only likes to lying down, profuse sweating, patient feels as if he can never get cure. Thus, giving Sorinum 200 is very useful in such symptoms.
        4.     Ars-iodide-


          If a person becomes unconscious due to weakness with lack of appetite, taking Ars-iodide 3x is very useful in this condition. If this drug causes loose motions or body ache, this drug should be stopped for sometimes and starts again to take it. This drug should be stopped to take again after eliminating weakness.
          5.     Carbo-veg-


            If the whole body is turned into blue or fallen cold due to weakness, Carbo-veg is very useful in such symptoms. Besides it, in the weakness occurring due to oldness, weak digestion power, becoming soft, indigestion due to eating outside things, etc. thus Carbo-veg 3xs is very useful.
            6.     Nux-vomica-


              Giving Nux-vomica 2x is beneficial to eliminate any type of weakness.
              7. Skutellaria-


                Taking Skutellaria juice is beneficial in the following symptoms that appear after influenga like- sleeplessness due to neuralgic weakness, having no interest in any work, light pain in the forehead, pain in the eyes cavity, pain in the area above right eye, etc.
                8. Helloniyas-


                  This drug is known to be very effective in the women weakness. Taking helloniyas 6 or its juice is very useful in the symptoms like- pain with tiredness, having burning sensation in the back and the legs.
                  9. Magnesia-carb-


                    Magnesia-carb 200 is better in the symptoms like- feeling tiredness all the time in women, she feels as if there is no strength in her body while doing household work, feeling weakness due to mental problems and due to serving the patient day and night, having constipation due to mental reasons, sour smell comes out from the body, etc.
                    10. Argentums-metallicum-


                      This drug acts better on the joints. Argentums-metallicum 6x or 30 is very useful in the symptoms like- joints pain due to weakness, weakness of the back and the spinal cord, having tiredness in the body, when patient likes to lying down all the time, over weakness of the knee, etc.
                      11. Phosphoric-acid-


                        This drug acts better in the feeling of physical weakness with mental weakness. Such children who grow suddenly and his physical elements have to work more and having weakness then Phosphoric-acid 2x is very useful. This drug should be taken in the symptoms like- mental shocks, any diseases, lack of sperm, etc.
                        12. Selenium-


                          Selenium acts better on the nervous system. Mostly, this drug is given in the disease related to the nervous system. It is also given in the following symptoms like- weakness in all the section of the body; gets tiredness even after doing any work; if the patient work for a whole night or mental work, he gets so tired and next day he does not able to do any work; tiredness due to weather as- he feels weakness with the beginning of heat and eliminate this weakness with sunset; if he feels tiredness of the nervous system, he does not able to tolerate resulting and he becomes wearied after emission that causes irritation; headache starts; prostate liquid (fluid) comes out; sperm comes out by itself while sleeping or at the time of urination and excretion. Thus, Selenium 6 or 30 should be given in such symptoms.
                          13. Picric-acid-


                            This drug is known to be very effective in neuralgic weakness and mental weakness. The willing power of the patient is ended; he gets tired soon by doing any mental work; he feels pain in the waist, hands and legs; having burning sensation in the spinal cord; having no interest in any work; he wants to lying down all the time; he is hot natured; he can not tolerate heat; likes to live in cold air; remains tired mentally, etc. so, Picric-acid 6 should be given to the patient.
                            14. Formic-acid-


                              This drug enhances strength in the body. He tolerates any types of tiredness.