The constipation patent has to face much difficulty in excretion. Several types of other diseases also occur due to this disease.


There are several reasons of being constipation like- not doing any type of physical works, awaking in the night, taking additional intoxicating materials, taking additional coffee or tea, feeling much anxiety and sorrow, doing much mental works, occurring liver disease, oldness or taking different types of drugs additionally, etc.


Stool goes on decaying in the intestine of the constipation patient that causes different types of other disease and its serious symptoms start on founding in the patient like- headache, anorexia, hemorrhages (piles), sciatica, having much difficulty in excretion, excretion in little quantity, sometimes stool does not come out for several days, stools is solid as lump, having the desire for excretion but stool does not come out, sometimes blood also comes with stools, etc.

Few symptoms of constipation and their treatment with different drugs:-

  1. If constipation is due to any other disease, first of all, that disease should be treated who is responsible for constipation.
  2. If constipation is due to heart disease, Spigilia should be used for its treatment.
  3. Irish is very useful to end constipation if it is due to migraine.
  4. If the patient has been suffering from constipation with headache, using Jelsimium is appropriate for its treatment.
  5. If the patient feels stomachache with constipation, Plumbum 6 is very useful to cure this disease.
  6. If the stomach is not cleared even after frequent excretion and has the problems of constipation, taking Natrum-mur 200 is very useful for its treatment. 
  7. Taking Bryonea 6 to 30 is much beneficial in the constipation during pregnancy period and in summer days and also in the case of infantile constipation, etc.
  8. If constipation becomes chronic with frequent desire for excretion, but does not come out completely and he has suffered from pile, he should use Sulphur 30 or 200.
  9. If it is due to taking purgative drugs frequently and the sufferer becomes too weak and lean, use Hydrastis 3.

What should we do or not in the case of constipation:-

  1. Do not use purgative drugs again and again in the condition of constipation, because it can become your habit and without taking it, excretion becomes impossible.
  2. The constipation patient should drink cold water just after getting up in the morning; it is very useful for him.
  3. He should take his diet at a fixed time and should not eat frequently and eat as much as hunger.
  4. Taking banana, papaya, bell, dried grapes, apple, grapes, milk, honey, butter or lemon, etc. are very useful for constipation patient.
  5. He should also take exercise daily in the morning.
  6. He should chew food properly because it helps in well digestion of food.
  7. Drink enough water everyday.
  8. Do not awake for late night and do not sit in the same posture for a long time.
  9. Try for excretion daily at a proper time.


For reading tips click below links     Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Lycopodium-


    If the following symptoms are found with the problems of constipation like- stool is dry and solid due to which, patient has to face difficulty in excretion, flatulence, roaring sound produces inside the stomach due to moving air here and there in it, swelling the bottom of the stomach after taking meals, feeling hotness inside the stomach, having the desire for excretion but stool does not come out, watery mouth, etc., use Lycopodium 30 to cure such patient.
    2.     Hydrastis:-


      • To remove constipation, taking a drop of the mother tincture of Hydrastis till several is beneficial. 2x or 30 potency of this drug can also use to remove constipation.
      • If the patient has been suffering from loose motions with constipation, treatment of it with Hydrastis is very useful.
      • If the patient has been suffering from constipation with the feeling as if stomach is going on shrinking inward, Hydrastis is proved very effective.
      3.     Anacardium:-


        • If the constipation patient has the following symptoms like- feeling frequent excretion but it comes in little each time, stomach is not cleared completely, does not get relief until he goes for excretions again, sitting on a chair or other places all the day, etc., Nux-vomica 200 or 1m should be used.
        • If the patient has complaints of irregular motions of the intestine due to constipation, Nux-vomica is very useful to remove such symptoms.
        4.     Merc Dulsis:-

        Merc Dulsis:-

          If the constipation patient has been suffering from suppressed excreta, 2-3 grane of the powder of Merc Dulsis 1x should be taken at an interval of every half an hour is beneficial to clear the stomach. It helps in excretion, clearance of the stomach and eliminates constipation.
          5.     Phosphorus-


            If stools come as long and thin with the problems of constipation, use Phosphorus 3 to 30 for its treatment, it will provide benefit.
            6.     Sulphur:-


              • If the constipation patient has the following symptoms like- going for excretion again and again but stool does not come properly, the stomach does not clear completely, skin diseases as- scabs, boils, pimples, etc., attack of unconsciousness, effects of heat towards the head, nauseate at 11 a.m. and does like to do any work with the feeling of much weakness, etc.
              • Treat the constipation patient with Nux, but it makes no impression; treatment with Sulphur is very useful.
              7. Nitric-acid-


                If violent dried cough persists with constipation, taking Nitricum-acid 3 is very useful.
                8. Bryonea-


                  If the hot natured constipation patient has been suffering from malfunctioning of the intestine, feeling much thirst, dried stool comes, intolerable of sunlight, etc., to remove his problems, Bryonea 30 200 can be used.
                  9. Opium-


                    If the intestines of the constipation patient are dry, does not function well and they are not secreting their fluid, Opium 30 or 200 should be used for its treatment. Before using this drug, the patient should necessarily has the following symptoms like- coming stools as small hard balls or like marbles, stool is black coloured, does not come out well, yawning also comes, etc.
                    10. Alumina-


                      The constipation patient has no desire for excretion till several days, he does not go to the toilet until stool is collected in the anus, the anus does not function properly, he has to try hard for excretion, even soft stool also does not come easily due to malfunctioning of the anus, he has to apply force also for it, has to strain, mostly small tough dry black coloured stools come like goat’s dung, stools becomes so dry that it has to remove with the help of finger, etc., taking Alumina 30 or 200 is very useful to remove such symptoms.
                      11. Alu-


                        If the patient has desire for excretion all the time and tough stool comes out unknowingly, Alu 3 should be taken to cure such constipation patient.
                        12. Sepia-


                          If patient feels as if dot is kept in the anus even after excretion, even soft stool also comes with difficulty and with also any womb’s diseases, Sepia 30 or 200 should be used to remove such symptoms of the patient.
                          13. Platina-


                            If constipation occurs due to much traveling and even loose stool is coming with difficulty, taking Platina 6 to 30 is beneficial to remove such problems of the patient.
                            14. Graphitis-


                              cont In women, if she has been suffering from constipation with delay menstrual secretion with the following symptoms like- long stools as ball on which white glutinous matters remain stick, stool comes out with difficulty, excretion does not happen for several days, crackling of the anus due to coming solid stool and then feeling pain, etc. thus, taking Graphitis 30 or 200 is beneficial to remove such symptoms of the patient. ain
                              15. Magnesia-


                                Magnesia 30 can be used to remove infantile constipation but he/she must have the following symptoms like- excretion in little quantity and like a goat, falling after breaking at the anus, such types of symptoms are due to any liver disease, etc.
                                16. Silica-merina-


                                  To remove the problems of constipation, Silica-merina 3 to 30 or the powder of 2x to 3x should be taken for few days, it provides relief.
                                  17. Calinsinia-


                                    If the pile patient has suffered from constipation, using 3 potency of this drug is very beneficial.