If a person starts on suffering from watery loose motion, weak body, vomiting, cold body etc., he has suffered from cholera.    


  • In the case of cholera, frothy loose motion like boiled rice water comes.
  • The patient vomits.
  • He feels thirst again and again.
  • Urine is suppressed.
  • The patient’s body becomes cold like an ice.
  • Cold sweat comes.
  • Convulsion occurs.
  • The nerve is fallen weak.

The use of different drugs in cholera:-


If the symptoms of cholera are found in a person, first of all, camphor should be taken. Mix a drop of Camphor in sugar and should be given at an interval of every 5-5 minutes until heat occurs in the body.

Drugs juice-

To make Camphor juice, first of all caphoor should be dissolved in spirit that becomes saturated solution. Whenever patient has been suffering from vomiting or loose motions, he should take this solution.        


In the case of cholera, if the patient suffers from vomiting and loose motions, cold sweating comes, Veretrum-album 6 or 30 should be taken at an interval of every half an hour. This drug should be given to the patient until he starts on feeling heat and strength in the body.


If the cholera patient has been suffering from vomiting and loose motions with much convulsion, Cuprum 6 or 30 can be given.


Cuprum represents coppers. Mostly, those who work in copper mines, are never suffered from cholera. When cholera is spreading, a piece of copper plate having dimension of 5 inch length and 4 inch width should be tied on the stomach. It helps to keep away this disease.


If the patient feels much restlessness and burning sensation with other symptoms of cholera, Arsenic should be given to him. Black colored stool with smell comes in little quantity. Thus, giving Arsenic 3 or 30 is very useful.


In the case of cholera, when loose motions are stopped, however, patient becomes weak, suffers from flatulence, his condition becomes so bad as if he will die soon, etc. thus, Carbo-veg 30 should be given to him.