Taking food is necessary to maintain the healthy body and powerful body. The appetite is necessary to eat food and eating food is necessary according to appetite because our health and power are maintained by eating food. It should be eaten only at a time of feeling hungry. If the patient does not feel hungry by owing to some reason, it should be cured to increase appetite.


When a men suffers from ill, his appetite starts on being lack. Lack of appetite is caused by constipation, living without exercise, smoking and stomach problems.

Treatment with different drugs:-

1. China- If the patient does not feels hunger, but feels hunger again after eating food, China 30 or 200 can be used to cure his disease.

2. Nux-vomica- In the condition of feeling appetite, if taste becomes bitter and the rear section of the tongue fall yellow, etc. thus, using Nux-vomica 30 is beneficial to end such type of symptoms.

3. Ignatia- Well, the patient does not feel hunger, but yet has desire to eat several types of food items. Thus, Ignatia 200 can be used to cure this disease.

4. Rhus-tox-  If the patient has no desire to eat anything, to remove this symptom, Rhus-tox 30 to 200 should be used.

5. Lycopodium- If the stomach feels full after eating little, has desire to eat sweets, the patient wants to eat and drink, the stomach remains filled with air (gas), so it becomes full even after eating little, etc., taking Lycopodium 30 is very useful to cure this disease of the patient.

6. Jentiyana Lutiana- Lose of appetite in the patient suffering from any disease. Sometimes, T.B. patient or acidity patient loses his appetite. If such types of symptoms are found in the patient, giving 5 drops of the mother tincture of Jentiyana Lutiana 3x before half an hour of eating is very effective. It helps to open his appetite.

7. Hydrostis, Antim-crude- These drugs can be used to cure lack of appetite (anorexia).