Introduction: -

The use of Thyrodinum drug is considered very useful for repairing the lack of blood in thyroid gland. This drug enhances micro-particles of the body and perspiration and removes weakness of the muscles and headache. The use of this drug is very beneficial in such type of symptoms as tremor of the heart, enlargement in the size, exsoftelms, chaos pupils, inflammation of mucous, poor memory and scrofula. This drug is used in joints pain, swelling and tuberculosis of children. This is also useful remedy in such symptom as absence of the testicles in the containing bag of any child. Giving half gram drug twice a day to the child provides relief in such condition. Thyrodinum drug affects with control on restraining of the nutrition activities, enlargement and development of the body parts. Consequently, the body organs develop perfectly. Taking Thyrodinum drug awakes the will to eat sweets due to body debility.            

Thyrodinum drug is used to end the symptoms related to cholera. This drug is used to enhance the memory power along with mental and physiologic development of the child. This drug is used to cure scrofula, obesity, weakness and thin patient due to anemia. The use of this drug is very beneficial in such type of symptoms as glaucoma, ulcer of the breast, uterus worms, excessive weakness, weak body instead of having perfect diet, habitual of bed wetting and deficiency of breast milk.  

Moreover, this drug is used in unconscious, retching, feeling excessive cold, weakness due to new disease, fatigued body, nerve weakness, frequent syncope, tremor in the heart, coolness in hands and feet, low blood pressure and hypersensitivity for cold. This drug acts rapidly on the mucous oedema and different types of swellings afterwards it cures them.     

Use of Thyrodinum drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Symptoms related to mind: -

The use of Thyrodinum drug is beneficial to end such types of symptoms related to mind as over irritability due to mental disturbance, angered to disoblige or interfere in the patient talk and ready for fight with anger on a trifle.  

Head-related symptoms: -

Some patient have such type of symptoms as feeling of light head, headache always, chaos eyeballs outwards, lack of the blood in the facial muscles, sensation of burning on the lips, feeling thick plaster on the tongue, sensation of fulfill and warmth in the head, redden face as the patient is angered; and spoiled mouth taste. Giving Thyrodinum drug to the patient is useful in curing above symptoms.    

Heart-related symptoms: -

Thyrodinum drug should be used to cure the symptoms related to heart as heart weakness, difficulty in lying along with fast nerve palpitation, high blood pressure, feeling of suffocation in chest region as the chest is shrunken; tremor in the heart to do a light deed, intense heart pain, self-created excitement of the heart, heart weakness along with numbness in the fingers, etc.  

Nasal-related symptoms: -

Thyrodinum drug should be used in nasal-related symptom as nose dryness while presence of catarrh from nose in the opened air.

Symptoms related to eyes: -

The use of Thyrodinum drug is very beneficial to cure such type of symptoms as loss of eyesight along with appearance of black points in the central nervous. 

Throat-related symptoms: -

Thyrodinum drug should be taken by the patients who are victim of these symptoms as throat dryness, congestion in the nerve of the throat, feeling of rawness in the throat, goiter of throat, scrofula and sensation of burning in the throat especially in the left sided throat.   

Symptoms related to stomach: -

If the stomach is afflicted caused by any reason now the patient has also other symptoms as crave to eat sweets and cold water, feeling of rumbling in the stomach, nauseate especially when travel, stomach flatulence along with gas troubling. Such patient should take Thyrodinum drug in these types of symptoms.

Symptoms related to urine: -

Thyrodinum drug should be used in such symptoms as excessive amount of urinating, frequent urination, discharging of white fluid or sugar in urine, smell like sweet violet in the urine, sensation of burning in ureter, discharging of excessive uric acid in urine, etc. This is beneficial drug in these symptoms as habitual of bed wetting especially the children who have nervous and irritable natured.  

Symptoms related to respiration: -

Thyrodinum drug should be used in dry painful cough along with discharging of light painful mucus and sensation of burning in the pharynx. 

Symptoms related to external body organs: -

The use of Thyrodinum drug is curable for such symptoms as burning in the joints along with increasing obesity and cold of hands and feet; presence of layers on the skin of bellower waist, coolness in the hands and feet, slight pain in the parts, attack of cough to come in closed room from cold air, filling water in the feet, tremor in the whole body, etc. This drug cures the disease of rickets of children.  

Symptoms related to skin: -

The use of Thyrodinum drug is curable for such symptoms as dry and weak skin, coolness in the hands and feet, ringworms on the skin, uterine abscess, presence of catechu-colored swelling on the skin, strict swelling like stone on the skin, skin numbness, grey perspiration from skin, fast itching along with jaundice, presence of layers like the fish on the skin, swelling along with symptoms of tuberculosis and dry itching that aggravates at night.

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate from moving, any type of physiologic move, to come in room after cold air and from over speaking.

Amelioration: -

The patient gets relief to lie on abdomen and to take rest.

Comparison: -

Thyrodinum drug can be compared with Spongia, calc, Feucus, Lycopus, Nux-vomica, Opium, Phosphorus, Mercurius, Natrum-muriaticum, Lycopodium, Kali-Phosphoricum, Gelsemeum, Calcarea-phosphorica, Baryta-carbonica, Arum, Sepia, Silicea, Varatrum, Zinc, Opi and Iodo Thyrine.

Dose: -

Thyrodinum drug is used in 6th to 30th potency.

Precaution: -

Thyrodinum drug should be given in 1.5 to 2 grams. This drug can be given in much quantity to the patient but it makes the nerve palpitation fast. So, one should use this drug with carefully. Normal dose of this drug should be used in T.B. and heart weakness along with hypertension.  

Note: -

Iodo Thyrine drug is a type of active substance that is extracted from thyroid gland and contains great amount of iodine and nitrogen. So, this drug cures the afflictively of nutrition activity and decreases the body weight. This drug can be the cause of diabetes. In the case of obesity, this drug should be used with carefully.