Natrum chloratum




        Natrum Chloratum proves as very effective drug in the symptoms associated with female. Besides it, this is also very useful in liver troubles, ear diseases, body debility, etc. 

Use of Natrum Chloratum in various symptoms-

Head-related Symptoms: -

        The use of Natrum Chloratum is very beneficial for curing dizziness, crossed pain in the forehead, feeling of something flowing inside the head as if the upper portion of the head will flow; clotty blood discharging from the nose, etc.

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

        Natrum Chloratum proves very useful drug for curing symptoms as- rapid pain in both the sides of the tongue and throat, swollen tongue, spoiled taste, mouth blisters, gums bleeding, thick crust over the tongue, teeth marks on the tongue, hoarseness with cough, etc.

Symptoms related with the stomach: -

        In the stomach symptoms, when the patient takes meal, he looks for sleepy. Natrum Chloratum is the best drug for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

        Natrum Chloratum is very useful remedy in the symptoms of dark colored urine, cereals and sediments in urine, chaos kidneys due to inflammation, rapid pain across the back, etc.

Symptoms related to Female:

        When a woman sits on the floor, she feels as if the uterus is going upwards and the uterus opens and closes; she also suffers from blood leucorrhoea, uterus inertia due to heaviness and feeling of pressure downwards. Natrum Chloratum is beneficial for curing these symptoms.  

Symptoms related to the external body parts:

        Natrum Chloratum is an excellent drug in symptoms as- feeling of swollen hands after getting up in morning and weakness of the ankles and knees.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

        Pulsatilla and Gaycum should be used to remove bad effects of Natrum Chloratum.


        Natrum Chloratum can be compared with Muriaticum-natro, Calca and Sepia.

Dose: -

        The dilution of 3x potency of Natrum Chloratum should be used.