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[ M ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Moschus medicine is called “Mriganabhi” in Hindi. It is very useful for those girls who are selfish, stubborn and suffer from hysteria. It is very hard to understand the symptoms of girls who suffer from hysteria. The girl afflicted from hysteria has surprised symptoms. Sometimes, she scares the all persons and behaves like a dangerous girl. She tells such symptoms to the doctor that doctor has to compel to think about the symptoms which are ordinary or unordinary. She tells unbelievable symptoms and it seems that she has all problems of the whole world. If such girl suffers from any small disease, she describes that it’s a chronic disease. It is true that she troubles, but not as much as she describes. It should be remembered that it is very hard to cure the afflicted girl. If the girl knows that the doctor has not been focusing on the treatment of her disease properly, she will not call him again for treatment.          

The girl who suffers from hysteria feels as if something round has kept in the middle of her breasts and moves upwards. She feels cold and heat in the initial stage of such symptoms. She suffers from muscles shivering, unconscious, insomnia and irregularity of heartbeat.  Moschus drug should be used for curing such girl.   

Moschus drug is used for curing problems of insanity, attacks of unconsciousness , inability to tolerate air, shivering of the hands and feet, frequent unconsciousness, flatulence, intensive depression and muscles coldness. These symptoms aggravate in the cold weather. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind related symptoms:

Moschus is an excellent remedy in the cases of insanity, laughing without any matter, irregularity of heartbeat and illusion of sexual hypochondrias. The mind does not work properly and patient likes abusing to others. Sometimes, he startles suddenly and scares too. This medicine cures above symptoms quickly.

Head related symptoms:

Moschus drug can be used in the cases of giddiness even after little moving or walking, feeling of pain with pressure on the nose joint, feels pressure in the upper segment of the head, sound in the ear like gun (top) has released and feeling as if patient is falling down from the height. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Moschus drug should be used for curing problems of anorexia, desire to take coffee and instigating products, inability to identify the taste of anything, chest-pain, flatulence, unconsciousness during meal, intensive flatulence, hiccup and inability of mind to work properly. 

Symptoms related of men diseases:

Moschus is a beneficial remedy in the cases of excessive desire for sexual intercourse and excessive excitement, incontinence sperm ejaculation, impotence with diabetes or excessive urination and vomiting and retching after sexual intercourse.  If the patient is looked as old at the young age, this medicine should be given to the suffered patient.

Gynecology related symptoms:

Moschus is the great remedy in the cases of early menstruations, menorrhagia, unconsciousness, desire for sexual intercourse with feeling of sough in the genitalia organs and feeling of pressure and strain towards genitalia organs as if menses is about to begin.

Urine related symptoms:

The patient of diabetes, who suffers from excessive urine while urination and unconsciousness, should take Moschus drug. It cures above symptoms quickly.   

Respiratory related symptoms:

Moschus is very useful remedy in the cases of troubles while inhaling, incontinence contraction in the pharynx and respiratory-systems, feeling of pressure in the chest, much difficulty in breathing, symptoms like asthma, effect on the lungs like paralysis, asthma with feeling of fear and suffocation. 

Heart related symptoms:

Moschus drug is used for curing problems of insanity, irregularity of heart pulsation, shivering around the heart, neuralgic weakness and unconsciousness.

Skin related symptoms:

Moschus drug should be used for checking problems of feeling coldness, yellowness and warmth of one hand and dryness and coldness of the other hand.


These symptoms aggravate by exposure to cold in the open air.


These symptoms ameliorate by living in the open air and rubbing the body.


Some properties of Nux-Moschata, Valeriana, Sumbul, Ignatia, Asafe and Caistori medicines can be compared with Moschus.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

Camphor and Caffea are used for removing all the bad effects of Moschus.


The patient should take 1st to 3rd potency of Moschus for curing diseases.