Holostemma Rheedianum



Name in different languages:

English        :         Holostemma Rheedianum

Hindi            :        Chhirbel

Sanskrit       :        Aarkpuspi, Shitala

Marathi        :        Dudurali, Shirdauri

Gujarati       :        Kharner

Latin           :         Aslepiyas anuleris


       Holostemma rheedianum is cool in nature and generates shrinks in intestines. It is useful to control diabetes and cure spermatorrhoea, stone disease and provides relief in pain and urine disorders too. It increases urine quantity and ends the faults of sperm.

For example: Make a decoction by boiling root of holostemma rheedianum with water and mix cumin seeds and sugar candy in it. Giving it to the patient is useful to end the inflammation of the urinary. Consequently, the patient passes urine neatly. Besides it, mix 3 grams powder of its root with cow milk and filter it. Giving this preparation to the patient twice a day regularly 14 days ends the inflammation of the urinary.