Holostemma Heed




          Holestema heed creeper is like betel leaf (Nagarbael) creeper and leaves are small like tinospora. Its flower is round like the sun flower. Milk comes out from it by plucking it.

Name in different languages:

Latin                    -        Holostemma Heed-I

Hindi                   -        Arkpushpi, Andhahuli

Sanskrit              -        Arkpushpi, Krurkarma, Pyasya, Jalkamuka

Bengali               -        Badkshirui

Marathi               -        Surya Phoolvalli

Gujarati               -        Suryamukhi

Qualities: Holostemma heed is useful for the eyes and cures sterility.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1.  Piles: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of dry ginger, marking nut tree and elephant creeper seeds together and thereafter mix double quantity of jaggery in it. Cook this mixture properly and prepare sweetmeats from it. After that, take 2-3 grams these sweetmeats with cold water to cure all the types of piles.

2.   Conceive: Grind 15 grams holostemma heed 15 grams brahma booti together then filter it. After that, take three grams this powder with 250 ml cow raw milk twice a day after menstrual excretion. Consequently, woman becomes pregnant.

3.   Rheumatism: Apply ground root of holostemma heed on the affected part to get relief in rheumatism.

4.   Head ulcers: Grind root of holostemma heed (which flowers hang on downwards), and coat it on the ulcers, it ends swelling and recovers ulcer.