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        A century has passed in searching the complete knowledge about yoga but none has gained the right time of its origin. According to Indian scholars, yoga came into existence in India before than 5000 years. But some Indian scholars considered that yoga came into existence 2500 years ago. This time has been considered as the time of lord gautam budha, the founder of Buddhism. The most astonishing research of yoga started in 1920. Scientist of antiquarianism startled the whole world by discovering Sindhu Sarswati civilization. This civilization was such civilization which was spread more than the area of 300000 squares per mile. Even then, people became aware about this civilization after so many years.     

         The reality is that this civilization was the biggest civilization of ancient period. Researchers of Mohanjodro and Harrapa building found that shapes of currency were like the shapes of yogis. Other antique things of that time clear out that there is a strange continuity in that civilization, latter hindu empire and culture. This thing proves that yoga is a product of mature or well developed society and it cannot be compared with anything in this whole world.

Yoga and Sindhu Saraswati civilization:

        Being a learner of yoga, you are a part of an ancient and respected tradition which makes you the heir of civilization. The credit of those discoveries is given to Sumer and it is appropriate too. The civilization which was discovered by Sumer is known at present by the name of Sindhu Saraswati civilization. The origin of this civilization is related to cultural tradition and its period is considered 2700 to 3000 years ago. In exchange, that gave birth to a great religious and cultural tradition which is known as Hinduism at present and indirectly Buddhism and Jainism also came into existence.

         Indian civilization is the oldest civilization in all the present civilizations of the whole world. Today, we should not forget the golden past period of our culture, civilization and its education because of our personal problems. Practitioners of yoga should take benefit with those practices done about the life especially those discoveries related to secrets of the mind. Indian culture gave great philosopher and spiritual personalities. They answered all those secrets which are as important today as they were thousand years ago.  

History of yoga has been divided into four parts.

1. Vadik yoga

2. Antecedent ancient yoga

3. Ancient Yoga

4. Latter ancient yoga

1. Vadik yoga:

  • This category division is like that stable psyche which is continual locomotive. This is the movement of the history too.
  • Yogik educations found in rigveda and other three ancient epics are known by the name of vadik yoga. The meaning of ved in Sanskrit is knowledge whereas the meaning of Sanskrit word rig is praise. Thus, Rigveda is a group of songs of praise in which there are songs in the admiration of pronouncing power. In reality, collection is the main center of Hindu religion and there are followers more than one billion. In that age, three other Vedas came into existence too.  

Samveda (knowledge of psalm):  There are psalms which are spoken at the time of sacrifice and god become happy because of their pronunciation in the second veda.

Atharvaveda (knowledge of Atharvan): There are some mystical incantations in the third veda and it can be used at any time. There are some powerful philosophical mantras too which are related to arthavan who was a famous pandit and are remembered for getting accomplishment in legerdemain (Indrajalik) ritualism.  

Yajurveda (knowledge of sacrifice):

  • In yajurveda, some sutras have been described which were used by vadik panidts.
  • Such examples clear out that vadik yoga is called ancient yoga too because they have close relation with the ritual based life of Indians. Connecting relation this region and invisible soul with this world by the help of accustom of celebration and centering mind for long time for completing laborious works by the people who are involved were the main purposes of its basic conception. In this way, centering the brain inside the mind is the main bas of yoga.
  • After getting the knowledge of vedas, Yogis of vadik period gets insight of which they were able to know about future circumstances and they felt the reality of life.  After becoming the great maestro of vadik yoga, they were called fortuneteller.  Saints of vadik period had the capability to observe the existence of God and life. Their hymns show their strange strength which startles us.

2. Antecedent ancient yoga:

         In the history of this yoga, the period of second century has been considered 2000 years long which appear in vivid forms and appearances of antecedent ancient yoga. The direct relation of its ancient inauguration was with Vadik celebration culture. It was developed in the form of Brahmin and Aaranyak. Brahmin is the epic of Sanskrit which is related to vadik resources and rituals. Aaranyak is that epic which is related especially with those people who pass a lonely life by living in ashram.      

         The real form of yoga appeared at the period of Upnishads. Upnishads are such epics which contain the doctrine of loneliness of deep substances. There are 200 such kinds of religious epics though only one had been prepared in the period of Lord Buddha. Shri Madbhagwat Gita is the biggest epic in all the epics. Father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi said about ‘Gita’ that

          “When I was in trouble or I am is despair and I am not seeing any ray of hope, I read Shri Madbhagwat Gita. I get a shlok (stanza) in it which ends my weakness and despair. It helps me in making my life successful. My life is full of external troubles all the time and these troubles and problems do not affect me directly or deeply, the reason behind it is the inspiration which I got by reading Shri Madbhagwat Geeta.” 

         There are 700 stanzas in Shri Madbhawat Geeta. Stanzas written in Shri Madbhagwat Geeta give message to human being that evil must be ended from this world. According to Gita, demolition of evil is essential for the welfare of religion and society. This thing has no matter whether the sinners are your relatives. Bowing down before evil or accepting its captivity is the biggest sin in the eyes of God and such person is called coward in Shri Madbhagwat Gita. In the present form, Gita came into existence about 5000 years ago. Since then, Shri Madbhagwat Gita is providing inspiration in the life of human being. Its theme is based on such things that accustom should be appropriate for living alive. If we do not want to create problems for us and others and we want to go forward from the reach of our existence, our deeds should be humble. It appears very easy but getting it in life is very hard.

         Antecedent ancient yoga is the mixture of several trends and its confirmation is done by two great religious epics of India –Ramayana and Mahabharata. Both these epics contain “Shribhagwat Gita”. Thus, several yogis got deep knowledge about the natural truth of mind by the deep meditation and body.    

3. Ancient yoga:

         Ancient yoga is known by the names of Asthang yoga and Rajyoga too.  The description of ancient yoga has been given by Mahrishi Patanjali in his yoga sutra significantly. There are 195 sutras in this yoga granth of Sanskrit and comments are being made since centuries. Serious practitioners of yoga are to discover the art of yoga and they will have to face stiff statements. Soot means thread. Here it means memory thread. It is for the memory of those people who are curious to assume after knowing the knowledge and intellectuality.

         Yoga sutra was written 500 years ago. The relation of its oldest culture paraphrase ‘yog bhasya’ (language of yoga) is attached with Vyas. It can be possible only when it has been written 1500 years ago. In it, secrets of Patanjali have been cleared out especially.

         We know about patanjali or vyas through proverbs and none has knowledge about it. By the way, this problem is related to mostly specialists and several other people of present era. The knowledge what we have at present is provided us by people. it is more important than any literary information of which we may know about their personal life.

         Generally, patanjali has been called the father of yoga. He believed that person is a combined form of nature and soul. He had the knowledge of yogik process by which they may bring similarity in both elements nature and soul so that soul may reach in its purity again. His doctrine has been called mysterious dualism. It is an important thing because most of mysterious scholars are in the favor of any monism. Several sides and forms of this world are the final analysis of that thing viz shapeless in pure form but conscious power.

4. Latter ancient yoga:

         Latter ancient yoga is a descriptive yoga which indicate towards different types of trends. Latter ancient yoga came into existence after Patanjali’s yog sutra and it is different from the base form. It is different from the ancient yoga too. The reason behind it was that latter ancient yoga confirms the final unity of all the yogas. This is the last education of Vedas. This philosophic system is based upon the Upnishads.  

         Dualism of ancient yoga is a small but powerful gap and in the education’s stream it is related to ancient vadik period. According to these educations, all the human beings and things are the guide and side of that truth. It is the only truth in Sanskrit which is different from Lord Brahma and soul.  

         A turn came in the research of the development of yoga after several centuries. Some great scholars of yoga discovered the power of the body. Before it, researchers of yoga pay no attention on the body powers. They had interest in this thing how they can quit body in physical form. The aim of those people was that how one can meet shapeless truth by leaving the world behind. 

         After the origin of chemistry, scholars of new generation made such process after several researches because of which human being may get body strength and long life. They considered a temple to the soul not such transfusion which can be given up anytime. They worked hard for getting it by the best yogik methods because of which the physical body may be changed and its basic elements may be rearranged of which this difference may less.

         The path of hatayog become clear by it and its several forms are being practiced in all over world. Validity has been given to several branches and conceptions of tantra yoga which are the mere education of Hatayoga.