History of sunrays treatment


            In the center of our body, sunlight exists in the form of life. It is proved that healthy body and long life depend on the blessedness of the God ‘Sun’.

          The rising sun keeps the entire living creature on this world under its rays. It also means that the ability to cure unhealthiness found in the rays of rising sun (morning sun) is not found in the sunrays of noon and evening. 

          According to the writer of Vedas, different types of disease are eliminated by the bluish rays of the morning sun. Sunrays have the unique power (ability) to check out poisons.

          By the effect of sunrays, sweat comes out from our body and all the diseases are ended. Sunrays eliminate unnecessary fat from our body and we feel happiness.

          Different types of diseases like: eczema, eruptions, leprosy, dropsy, fever; dysentery and stomach diseases are ended by the influence of sunrays.

          All types of diseases occurring due to disorders of cough, bile and air are cured by the use of sunrays daily and human can live up to hundreds of years.

          In Duapar age (period), the son of lord Krishna named ‘Samb’ had suffered from leprosy; at that time, it had been cured by the prayer of the sun. After that, Samb had created a puranas about the dignity (greatness) and prayer of the sun which is called ‘Sambpuranas’.   

          According to a scholar named ‘Plene’, there was no any doctor in Italy till 600 years and roman used only sunrays for the treatment of his disease.

          People believed that sunbath is the discovery of modern age, but in reality, ancient people were also know about sunrays treatment and used before Christ. According to the written scripts of ancient great people and clues getting from modern archaeology, it is proved that Unani (Greek) people laid on the roof for sunbath. 

          In 400-500 B.C., ‘Hippocratige’ which is know as the founder of natural therapy, was make his patients as taking sunbath regularly. Unani people were take exercise with naked body in sunrays outside of the house and got the benefits of air and sunrays.

         ‘Demosthenes’ was a famous person of Greece. He used to heat his body in the sunlight about 1 hour daily and also encourage others to do so. According to doctors, several types of scientific and natural treatment related to health had destroyed. But in the middle age of 18th century, naturopathy began to develop slowly. In 1848, naturopathy doctor lived in Austria named ‘Arnold Rickel’ made the rules of sunbath again, but common people of that time did not accept these rules. After that, many doctors also tried to convince them about sunbath but they did not get successful in it. After 10 years, when Dr. Roliar of Switzerland treated T.B with the help of sunrays, people started believing in sunrays treatment after seeing the miracle effects of it.       

          Some people believe ‘Palingjhan Hon’ as the inventor of sunrays treatment. After that they believe ‘Dr. Penscot’ and then ‘Dr. Robertwahe Land’ as the inventor of sunrays treatment. But as well as Dr. Adibun Bebit has given the theory of this treatment, no other has given.   

Healing and healthy ability of sunrays

        A proverb is famous about sunrays that the house in which sunlight does not able to enter, doctors enter in that house. It is true that bacteria responsible for different types of diseases are multiply in dark (where sunlight is absent) while they do not able to grow in that place where sunlight reaches, because they are destroyed (die) just after falling sunlight on them. Sunlight is necessary not only for plants, but it is also necessary for all the living creatures on the earth. Modern scientific researches have proved that no any living organism can live without sunlight. The water of the river and any other water bodies are become pure, clean and safe due to sunlight. The people who do not know the importance of sunlight, they are deprived from its influences. Sunlight helps in the circulation of blood (life) in our body. Thus, the place for eating, sleeping, and sitting should be kept airy and full of light. The house should be constructed in this way that proper sunlight can enter in it. For healthy body, sometimes we should walk and sit naked under sunlight. It makes the body healthy as well as enhances physical beauty naturally. Sunlight is very beneficial in skin diseases. The children playing in sunlight are strong, healthy and disease free.            

        Sunray is anti-biotic. These rays remove fetid smell and dirty from the body. For getting better health from sunlight, it is not necessary to live under sunlight all the day. For this purpose, we should take sunbath with naked body for 10-20 minutes daily in the morning. The head and eyes should be protected while taking sunbath and take bath with cold water after it. We should never wear tight clothes, but wear clean and loose clothes so that sunrays can reach to the skin and provides benefit. The patient having lack of vitamin D in his body can take sunlight. We get enough vitamin D from sunlight. The main function of Vitamin D is to make our bones strong. Our bones can not be formed due to lack of vitamin D. Women and children who do not take sunlight, their bones become weak, soft and flexible. When such women give birth to young ones, their baby is dead after suffering from rickets.    

          The people who live or works in the dark, their body and mind become sick. All types of diseases can be cured with the help of sunlight. Sunrays make the blood of our body as pure and increase its circulation and digestion power. When sunrays fall on our body directly, it kills bacteria present on our body as well as cures obsessed (sick) organs of our body. Sunrays open not only pores of our body with its heat but affects our brain too. Sunrays clean all the veins of our body after entering in them. The magnetic power of our brain that is a wonderful thing increases by taking sunlight.