History of acupressure



         Acupressure and acupuncture were come in existence together. Few experts believe that they were discovered in India before 6000 years and it had taken away to the china by Chinese traders (businessmen). Due to advantages, easy methods and being low-priced, it had adopted easily by Chinese people. As one side, it had become popular in china as other side, it had declined in India. The main reason of its declination is changes in social, religious and political life due to attack and rule of foreigners. Today, doctors and experts of many countries go to china to know this treatment system. In china, acupressure has been using for years as the most authorized treatment system. In the ancient books (granthas) of china, about acupressure and acupuncture has scripted. The book named ‘Chen Chiyu Suah’ (arvachin acupuncture) narrated by Dr. Chu. Liyen is known as the most authorized book on this topic in china today. In it, the list of about 669 acupoints of acupressure has given and in few other charts, up to 1000 acupoints have shown. But in daily use, only 100-200 acupoints hare considered as most important.      

         Even after getting as much publicity, the china was not able to get affiliation of acupressure, because America does not accept anything without proofs. In 1971, Richard Nixon, the present president of America, had gone on the tour of china. With media group gone on this tour, a journalist named James Ruston was also present. After few hours of reaching to china, he starts feeling appendicitis pain. He had operated immediately, because the swelling of appendicitis can be aggravated or lots of problems due to it can be occurred. But, he did not get relief even after operation. Then, Ruston had treated through acupuncture and acupressure treatment systems after which, he had gotten relief soon. By this treatment system, not only Ruston but American president Nixon has impressed. After that, this treatment system started communicating in the whole Europe. In 20th century, lots of researches had been done on acupressure therapy in America. Today, many doctors and acupressure experts use this therapy.               

         The journey of acupressure had not ended till now. This treatment system had reached to Japan from china that taken away by Buddhists and had kept its name as shiatshu. Shiatshu had made from two Japanese words- ‘shi’ means finger and ‘atshu’ means pressure. Through this treatment system, pressure is given on different reflex centres only with the help of thumbs and fingers.   

         In ancient time, big doctors like ‘Charak’ have also taken benefits by this treatment system in the form of massage.

      Today, by this treatment system, many doctors and experts treat even serious disease successfully with ease. In this treatment, the patient can be made disease free without the intake of any medicine and operation (surgery) and it is followed at any place and any time.