Hira Kasis


Colour: Hira kasis is yellow and green.

Taste: It is bitter and offensive.

Structure: It is a thing, which is manufactured.

Nature: Hira kasis is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it may be harmful for the lungs.

Removing side-effects: Doga removes the side-effects of hira kasis.

Dose: It is not eatable thing.  

Quality: Hira kasis reduces obesity (fatness) of the fat person. It kills the worms of the stomach and intestines. It also alleviates poison and increases sperm count and also makes thick to sperm count.

Useful in different diseases:

Hiccup: Take equal quantity of pure hira kasis and powder of wood apple’s pulp with honey, it prevents hiccups.

Note: Heera kasis should be boiled with ginger juice to purify before 24 hours of using it.