Hippzanimum is used for curing many types of diseases like- Goitre, Pyemia, Ozena and serious condition of Erysipelas.  

Hippzanimum is the great remedy in the cases of nose swelling, catarrh, nose redness, nose wounds and discharging of water from the nose having intensive burning sensation and offensive smell. 

Hippzanimum should be used in the cases of swelling of the mouth gland with pain, mouth abscess, arms tumours, nose swelling and suffocation occasionally. The old person suffers from sound from the mouth while inhaling. This medicine is used for curing above symptoms and bronchitis of an old person.    


Some properties of Sora, Basali, Kali-Bichromicum, etc. can be compared with Hippzanimum.


3rd to 30th potency of Hippzanimum should be used for curing diseases.