Hippuric acid



Hippuric acid acts on the external tissues of the mucous membranes, eyes, throat, liver and bones joints. Specially, this medicine acts on the right portion of the body. It is also used for providing relief from muscular pain.   

Useful in various symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

Hippuric acid is the great remedy in the cases of eyelids inflammation, pain in the upper portion of the right eye, eyelids swelling and slight pain of the head in a hot room.

Throat related symptoms:

Hippuric acid should be used in the cases of throat pain, offensive smell from the mouth, difficulty in swallowing food, and feeling of throat dryness and feels as if any sticky particle has entangled inside the throat. The patient also feels stability and fatness of the tissues which is located around the throat. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Hippuric acid is used in the cases of sour belching, stomach tumours and liver pain with feeling of pressure. It is very useful in above symptoms.

Gynecology related symptoms:

The woman who suffers from pain of the joints and muscles till 3 weeks of menstrual excretion should take Hippuric acid. It gets rid of pain quickly. 

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

Hippuric acid can be used in the cases of back pain which effect increases towards the hips, joints swelling, pain in the middle section of the thighs which effect increases from back portion of the leg to downwards in the right leg like bullet, joints’ tiredness with stiffness and pain in the shoulders and other parts of the body. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.  

Skin related symptoms:

Hippuric acid is an excellent remedy for curing itching, burning sensation and chest pemphigas which creates skin contraction.


Hippuric acid can be compared with Benzoic acid.  


The patient should take lower potency of Hippuric acid.