Hip joint disease



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This disease occurs either in femur bone or where there is the joint of hip. The victim feels inflammation and ache in the beginning of this disease and other kinds of diseases appear later. If there is a wound, sticky and white colored pus starts to excrete from the wound.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Acid Phos-

Acid Phos-

    If fever or T.B. of the bones has occurred due to T.B. (common), to cure this disease, using Acid Phos 1 is beneficial. Patient feels as if bones are scratching with knife, symptoms of the disease aggravates at night, etc., this drug is also very useful in this condition.
    2.     China-


      If pus is flowing from the boils of the bone with fever like in the case of T.B. of the bone, taking China 30 is very useful for the treatment of such symptoms.
      3.     Aconite-


        If T.B. has occurred in the bones and patient feels symptom like- much restlessness, mental disturbance, thirst, dryness of the skin etc., using Aconite 30 is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient.
        4.     Kali Carb-

        Kali Carb-

          If the patient feels fast pain from hip to knee especially in the right side, taking Kali Carb 30 is beneficial for its treatment.
          5.     Argentum met-

          Argentum met-

            In the condition of pain in the hip bones, Argentum met 6x should be used for the treatment.
            6.     Baccilinum-


              If symptoms like paralysis are found in the joints of thighs bones, taking Baccilinum 200 once in a week is beneficial. This drug is also very useful to cure T.B.
              7. Calcarea carb-

              Calcarea carb-

                When swelling has occurred in the hip bone with appearing boils in it, taking Calcarea carb 30 is beneficial to cure this disease.
                8. Carbo veg-

                Carbo veg-

                  When pus formed in the lungs or hips in the condition of fever of T.B., using Carbo veg 30 is beneficial to cure this disease.
                  9. Phosphorus-


                    When Silicea makes no impression, using Phosphorus 30 is beneficial for its treatment. This drug acts better in the joints of the hip and knee.
                    10. Silicea-


                      Silicea 30 is used for the treatment of T.B. of hip bone or knee joints. If boils secretes watery offensive secretion in T.B. patient, this drug should be used for his treatment.