High Blood Cholestrol



     Abundance of cholesterol in the blood is the main cause of the origin of heart problems. Cholesterol is that form of small particles of the blood which are a kind of fat. Generally, cholesterol plays an important role in all the activities of the body. It makes cells in the body and is essential for the composition of hormones. Cholesterol makes the cover of nerves and cells of brain. It produces the juice named bile for the digestion of food. Cholesterol reaches into every parts of the body after digestion and defends red blood cells. Most part of cholesterol creates in the liver. Cholesterol increases in the blood when the person takes such food which contains cholesterol in rich amount. Several kinds of heart problems occur due to this reason.       

       When quantity of cholesterol increases, it produces lipo-protein by mixing with protein and there are two types of it. 

  • low density lipo-protein
  • high density lipo-protein

Low density lipo-protein:

     Mixture of triglyceride and protein produces low density lipo protein and it is very harmful because it is helpful to produce tumor in the arteries of heart. An obstruction is produced in the circulation of blood due to this reason. In this stage, there is doubt of heart attack.

High density lepo protein:

        It is a kind of cholesterol because it checks the origin of tumor. If the quantity of H. D. L. is low than the normal quantity in spite of normal cholesterol or quantity of H D L is high, there is a chance to create an obstruction in the arteries.   

Cause of high cholesterol:

  • Use of stale meal, meat, egg and milk of animal or milk made product on large scale may be the cause of high blood cholesterol.
  • Excessive drinking or smoking may be the cause of high blood cholesterol.
  • Mental depression may be the cause of high blood cholesterol because adrenal gland excretes on large scale due to tension which affects the metabolism

Treatment of high blood cholesterol according to naturopathy:

  • Deduction of H D L is essential to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, the victim should not use such foodstuff which enhances the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • The patient should not take such foodstuff of animal as milk or meat because level of cholesterol increases in the blood. 
  • He should not take coconut and palm oil because these things increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Use of fibrous foodstuffs that contains vitamin ‘B’ in rich amount as breads of flour without sieving, pulses with peel, tomato, carrot, guava, green leafy vegetables, and cabbage on large scale reduces the level of H D L because of which the level of cholesterol becomes normal in the blood.
  • Use of 50 grams siftings of new shoots of barley reduces the level of cholesterol.  
  • Use of caraway reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood so caraway should be used in meal.
  • Cholesterol does not gather in the blood pipes if a person takes such food that contains Lecithin fats in rich quantity. Such food enhances the production of bile because of which the level of cholesterol reduces in the blood.
  • All the people, who suffer form high blood cholesterol, should drink excessive water regularly.
  • Drinking water of green coconut proves very beneficial in this disease. Therefore, the patient of this disease should drink coconut water necessarily. 
  • Boil coriander in water and drink after filtering. Cholesterol comes out with urine by drinking this water.
  • Immerse black gram in the water at night. Drink that water in the morning and eat those immersed grams. Level of cholesterol becomes normal.  
  • Mud packs on the stomach prove very beneficial for the person who has been suffering from high blood cholesterol. In addition to, the patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan). Steam bath also can be proved beneficial but this thing is not good for the persons who are the victim of high blood pressure.
  • The patient should do exercise regularly. Yoga-Asana should be done to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Level of cholesterol becomes normal by doing the treatment according to naturopathy.