Higgel Dhera


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Color: Higgel dhera flower is white, raw fruit is blue and ripe fruit is red.

Taste: It is spicy and bitter.

Structure: Mostly, higgel dhera trees are found in forests. Its leaves are about 3 inches wide and 18 inches long. Its trees are thorny too.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Harmful: It generates loose motions.

Quality: Higgel dhera is bitter and pungent in taste, hot in nature, light, spicy and dry. It purifies mercury. Its juice is very bitter, which causes vomiting, but it is used to alleviate poison of dog, mouse and other animals poisonous. Its bark can alleviate the poison of snack too. It is useful for the treatment of gas disorder, diarrhoea, stomach inflammation, pain and tuberculosis, and blood diseases. It brings phlegm out. Its seeds are cool in nature and tasty. It makes the body strong. Its seed increases sperm count and generates phlegm. It is very useful medicine.