Heracleum-branca ursina




Heracleum-branca ursina should be used for ending the excessive weakness of the back bone. This medicine is used for curing epilepsy and skin diseases. It also gets rid of joints pain and eliminates stomach gas.  

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

Heracleum-branca ursina is used in the cases of intensive itching of the head, profuse sweating from the head, dandruff, head scabies, sweating from the head and slight headache which aggravates by walking in open air and patient gets some relief by tying his head with a piece of cloth tightly. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms:

Heracleum-branca ursina should be used in the cases of stomach pain, vomiting, hard belching, tongue bitterness, spleen pain and stomach pain. The patient feels hunger, but does not eat food. It provides quick relief in the above symptoms.


The patient should take 3rd potency of Heracleum-branca ursina.