Henna-not only a die

Henna-not only a die

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


      Henna is being used in our country since ancient time. Henna is applied by women on different occasions as festivals and marriage. Make is incomplete if henna is not applied on the hands. Henna is considered the symbol of good omen on every good and holy occasion. Not only so, medicinal traits of henna have been identified by Ayurveda in ancient time. It is being used since centuries for the treatment of diseases and homely magic.

      Henna is used to blacken hair and to redden palms and nails. People of ancient Egypt had the knowledge about henna. It is considered according to information that the use of henna has been started as a cold substance. A paste of ground leaves of henna is applied on the body if someone has been suffering from fever. Application of henna’s ground leaves is applied in heat and sunstrokes to reduce their effect. Hence, henna is used on large scale in hot regions. 

        Henna is very beneficial for hair. Hair gets lots of benefits after the use of henna. Henna is very good hair conditioner for the health of hair. It is the biggest benefit of dying hair with henna. Chemicals are harmful for hair whereas henna saves hair. Henna covers a kind of layer on hair which is very beneficial for hair. 

         Application of henna in the hair is very beneficial. Many women use henna to dye hair and to get coolness. Besides it, henna is very good hair conditioner too for hair.   

         Dying hair by different hair colors is common thing. Shine comes in hair and there is no harm after the application of henna.

        Hair gets a new kind of energy after the application of henna. Hair becomes soft, silky, strong and shiny. Head skin becomes healthy and shiny by the use of henna. Henna neither harms to the skin of head and nor ends the acidic quality of hair. This quality of head skin is very essential to make the hair healthy. Mix egg, curd and lemon juice in henna. Apply this preparation on the hair to make it clean and healthy. Hair remains healthy and keeps on increasing continuously by regular apply this preparation.

        Some people fear that their hair will become red after the use of henna but it happens if your hair is brown because henna makes red to the brown hair. People with black hair remain unaffected in this case. Only, apply henna makes hair and shiny copper red color. You can adopt Khijab too if you want brown hair but mix coffee powder. Your hair will become brown. Wash your hair after drying head.

        Henna is fail proof medicine for hair. No conditioner is better than the henna is. It is very beneficial if you want to bring shine and make it soft. Curd, lemon juice, tea, coffee, catheacu, sugar, honey, oil and indian goose berry increase the quality of henna.


        Immerse henna at night before sleeping. On the next morning, apply henna on the ground and wash your head after drying head. In winter season, henna should be immersed with soapnut tree. There is no fear of cold if it is done.  Henna can be applied by every people. 

Technique of application of henna:

        Make thick paste by mixing henna of packet in tea leaves’ water. Mix curd or egg in it for too much conditioning. Let the head leave for one hour after the application of henna. If you want to dye your hair, apply it on the head for at least two hours.

        Apply henna on one side of the head and then wrap it on the head like turban. Divide locks of hair in many parts and then wrap them. Apply henna properly on grey hair. If your hair is 20 percent grey, your hair will hide itself with other hair. Cover your head with plastic packet after the application of henna. If you want to check color, wash a little portion of hair with water. Wash head with lukewarm water with shampoo.      

         Color of henna gets disappeared soon but regular use of henna leaves a permanent color to the hair.


  • Comb your hair with comb or brush regularly. Dust of the hair gathered in the hair gets disappear. Take meal which contains protein in rich quantity. Don’t eat fried things on large scale. Look after your hair properly. Hair is an important part of our personality. If your hair is beautiful and healthy, you can hide several drawbacks of your face. 
  • Henna should not be applied on grey and bleached hair. If you do so, your hair changes into bad color.  
  • There can be a reaction of dyed hair or perming hair. So, henna should not be applied. Besides it, too much henna can be the cause of problem.