Henna is used to get coolness in the summer season. Some people, especially old people use it on white hairs to make golden. Henna provides coldness to the brain.Introduction:

      Henna is used to get coolness in the summer season. Some people, especially old people use it on white hairs to make golden. Henna provides coldness to the brain. Henna keeps human body healthy. If anyone has been suffering from headache, applying the paste of ground henna leaves provides relief early. Henna’s trees are evergreen in all the times and like a bush. Women use it to improve beauty so it is very useful. The powder of henna’s dried leaves available in markets in less prize and attractive packing.

Name in different Languages:

Hindi            :        Mehandi

Sanskrit       :        Rakt, Ranga, Raag, Garmi, Ranzika, Nakhranjani, Madyantika

Marathi        :        Mendi

Gujarati       :        Mendi

Telugu         :        Gorata

English       :        Henna

Tamil           :         Kuranji, Vidai

Arabic        :        Heena, Alheena

Color: Henna leaves are green. Rub powder of it on the skin, it provides red color on the skin that presents for many days.

Taste:  It is pungent.


Its leaves are one to one and half inches long. Its leaves are like as egg shape. Its flowers are very fragrant and fruits are in round shape like as pea. Oily, small and triangles seeds find inside fruits. Its flowers grow in October-November months and after this come fruits. Its leaves have Tannin and Vashon named liquids. Besides, it has malice acid, glucose, menitol, vasral and mucilage etc. It also has oil which is dark brown color and fragrant.

Nature: Henna’s nature is cool. It provides shining to hairs and keeps the brain cool.


Henna is used to make beautiful hairs and for treatment of different diseases. It is very useful for blood deficiency, vomiting and causes motions. It ends phlegm (Kapha) and bile (Pitta) disorders, leprosy, fever, burning sensation, blood bile, burning sensation of urine, itch and other diseases. Henna decreases side-effects of diseases. Applying it on the soles and palms provides relief to the high blood pressure patient. Apply it outs increased body warmth. Immerse henna in water overnight and filter in the morning. After that, drinking it purifies blood and ends body warmth. 

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Mouth Blisters:

  • Immerse fifty grams henna with two glasses of water for some time. Gargling with it cures the mouth blisters.
  • Chewing its leaves cures the mouth blisters.

2. Ulcers and Pimples:

  • Boil henna’s leaves. Washing ulcer and pimples with this water provides relief.
  • Tie henna leaves on the abscess, it provides benefit to cure them.

3. Pyorrhoea: In case of bleeding from gums and swelling gums, to cure this disease, boil henna leaves in the water and gargle with this water three and four times in day.

4. Feet soles burning Sensation: The people, who feel burning sensation in feet’s soles in the summer, they should apply henna’s paste on the feet’s soles.

5. Stone:

  • Boil six grams henna’s leaves with 500 ml water until it remains 150 ml then put down and filter it. After that, drink this preparation regularly for five days, it breaks stone and provides relief in kidney diseases.
  • Boil ten grams henna’s bark with water in a soil pot. Filter this water in the morning and give it to the patient. It breaks kidney stones and throws them out.
  • Immerse thirty grams leaves of henna and wood in one glass of water then filter this water in the morning and take this water with two grams nitrate of potash regularly for some days, it breaks stone and throws out form ureter.
  • Boil 10 grams henna green leaves in 500 ml water until it remains 150 ml then drink it. Doing this treatment in the morning and evening for 15 days breaks two types of stone (kidney stone and gall stone).

6. Spoiled Feet Fingers:

  • If anyone has been suffering from feet fingers spoiled, rub mustard oil and spray henna on the affected part. It provides relief in this disease.
  • In case of spoiling one’s fingers caused by water work, mix one spoon henna and half spoon turmeric together and apply it on the affected part.

7. Black Hair:

  • Immerse 50 grams henna, half spoon coffee and 25 Indian gooseberries with milk. Wash hair with it after one hour. Using it two times in two weeks hair turns into black and golden.
  • Mix equal quantity of henna leave’s powder and powder of indigo (Neel) leaves together and apply, it makes hair black totally.

8. Epilepsy:

  • Mix two cups of milk and forth cup juice of henna’s leaves together. Take it regular before two hours of meal, it provides relief in epilepsy.
  • Mix about 60 grams henna leaves with 250 ml milk and take, it cures epilepsy.

9. Creaked feet soles: In the rainy and winter season, your feet soles have creaked, apply henna paste continuously.

10. Tiredness: Apply henna on feet’s soles, it provides relief to runners, cricketers and players. It also provides coolness.

11. High blood pressure: Applying henna’s paste on the palms and feet’s soles provides relief in high blood pressure.

12. Jaundice:

  • Immerse dried leaves of henna with one glass of water at night. Filter it in the morning and give it to the patient, It cures jaundice.
  • Grind 50 grams henna and immerge it with half glass of water overnight. In the morning, taking it cures jaundice within 8 to 10 days.
  • Soak 5 grams henna leaves with water in soil pot overnight. In the morning, crush it and filter it and take it. It provides relief in jaundice. Doing this treatment for one week cures chronic jaundice.

13. Conception: After fourth day of menses, the woman should apply henna on the feet in five times every day by self consequently, it helps to conception.

14. Loss of hair: Grind henna’s leaves and beet leaves then make the sauce. After that, apply it on the head, it checks loss of hair and grows new hairs.

15. Black Marks: Mix equal quantity of henna and soap together to make the paste. After that, apply it on black marks regularly for some days, it removes marks.           

16. Joints Pain: Mix 100 ml juice of henna’s green leaves and 100 ml sesame’s oil then boil it until it remains only oil then put down and filter. Rub it on joints pain, sciatica pain and back pain two times. One should foment the affected part after half hour of rubbing.

17. Wound: Applying henna on cutting parts provides much relief. It recovers wound within some days.

18. Roughness of hands and feet: If anyone has suffering from hands roughness, mix henna and lemon juice. Applying it makes the hands soft. If became roughness on feet, apply ground henna and wash after dry. Rubbing mustard oil also provides relief in roughness of hands and feet.

19. Allergy: Immerse henna in clean water at night. Filter this water and drink in the next morning. It provides coolness to the body and purifies blood. Taking it comes out dirty liquids from body.

20. Swelling: Applying paste of henna’s leaves is useful to decrease swelling.

21. Headache:

  • Apply ground leaves of henna on the head; it provides relief in headache.
  • If anyone has been suffering from headache caused by warmth and bile, boil 25 grams leaves of henna and 50 ml oil. Applying it on the head ends headache.
  • Make ten ml syrup from flowers and 100 ml water. Drinking it provides relief in this disease.
  • Grind 8-10 flowers of henna and vinegar with water. Applying it on the forehead and feet soles provides relief in headache.
  • Grind five grams flowers of henna with water now filter with cloth and mix seven grams honey. Drinking it regularly some days ends headache.
  • Rubbing with henna’s oil on the head provides relief.

22. Head Burning Sensation: Immerse four grams henna and three grams sterculia urens (Kateera) in water at night. One should drink this water mixed with sugar-candy in the next morning; it provides relief in this disease.

23. Giddiness: Sucking three grams seeds of henna with honey provides relief. Thus prepare decoction of flowers and drink to the patient, it provides relief. Eat wheat’s bread, sugar and ghee after eating this medicine. It is useful for giddiness.

24. Sleeplessness: The people who feel less sleepiness they should fill dried flowers of henna in their pillow. It provides well sleepiness.

25. Cosmetics: Mix equal quantity of mango’s bark, pomegranate flower’s buds, henna and myrobalan chebulic’s (Harar) powder together. Grind it and filter with cloth. Rubbing it on the body improves skin color and cures all diseases of skin.

26. Nose-bleeding: Grind equal quantity of fuller’s earth (Multani soil), barley flour, henna and coriander together. Mix water with prepare the paste. Apply it and after this keep muslin cloth immersed with water on nose. It provides relief in nose-bleeding. Applying henna on feet soles regularly for some day provides relief.

27. Eyes Redness:

  • Grind ten grams cumin seeds and ten grams henna together then immerse in rose-water. Filter this water in the next morning and fill into bottle. Now mix one gram powder of ground alum in it. Dripping it in the eyes ends eyes redness.
  • Grind green leaves of henna and make the paste. Now prepare a packet (wafer). Tie it on the eyes at night, it ends eyes redness.

28. Spleen: Mix thirty grams ground skin of henna and ten grams ground sal-ammoniac together. Taking three grams warm leaves of henna with water in the morning regularly for two weeks decreases spleen swelling.

29. Bloody Loose-motions: Grind henna’s seeds and mix with ghee now prepare small tablets. After that, take these tablets with water twice a day, it provides relief in bloody loose-motions.

30. Sperm Blowing: If anyone has been suffering from sperm blowing, mix 5-10 leave’s juice of henna and some water with sugar-candy. Giving it to him cures this disease.

31. Gonorrhoea: Immerse 50 grams leaves of henna with half kilogram water at night. Grind and filter it in the next morning. After that, take 20-30 grams quantity of this medicine with ice 3-4 times a day, it provides relief in gonorrhoea.

32. Knee pain: Grind equal quantity of henna and castor leaves. Now warm it and apply on the knee. It provides relief in the disease.

33. Body Power: Smell henna’s flowers and also apply on the forehead. It provides power to weak person.

34. Leprosy:

  • Take juice of henna’s leaves and flowers twice a day in half spoon quantity, it cures leprosy.
  • Boil 100 grams bark of henna’s tree with 200 ml water until it remains forth parts then put down and cool it. After that, drink this decoction twice a day, it provides relief in leprosy.
  • Immerse 75 grams leaves of henna in water overnight. Crush and filter it in the next morning. Drinking it cures leprosy disease.

35. Senselessness: Drink 5 to 10 ml juice of henna’s leaves with 250 ml milk 3-4 times in a day, it provides relief in senselessness caused by much hot or cool.

36. Fever Burning Sensation: Boil ten grams flowers in 200 ml water now cool it and make the paste. Taking it provides relief in sleepiness and fever burning sensation. It cures fever inside burning sensation and decreases headache. It also ends heart problems.

37. Burnt from fire:

  • Grind the bark of henna and make the paste. After that, apply it on burnt parts, it provides relief.
  • Grind the leaves of henna and make the paste and apply it on burnt parts, it provides relief early.
  • Grind flavieria repanda (bhangareya) leaves, bharaba leaves and henna leave together to make the paste and apply it on the burnt parts, it ends burning sensation of burnt parts and also cures burnt wound. White marks do not occur on the affected parts by using it.
  • Make paste form ghee and henna leaves and apply on the affected part, it provides relief.

38. Abscess caused by breaking hair (BAL-TOD): Immerse ground henna and apply dark paste on the affected parts twice a day. It cures this disease early.

39. Cough: Mix twenty ml henna’s juice, ten grams turmeric and five grams jaggery together. Taking it makes phlegm light and throws out. It also cures cough.

40. Black Hair: Mix six spoons henna, four spoons dried Indian gooseberry, one spoon coffee and forth spoon catechu together. Immerse all with boiled coffee water in a cauldron pot. Next day apply it on hair. Wash hairs with fresh water after twenty minutes and rub with Indian gooseberry’s oil. Indian gooseberry is a gift of nature for hair. You can use it with any rule for hair. Drinking its juice also provides relief to the hair.

41. Kidney diseases: Boil six grams leaves of henna with 500 ml water until it remains 150 ml water then filter and take this mixture regularly 2-3 day; it cures the kidney’s pain.

42. Piles: Grind henna’s leaves with water. Apply it on the anus and tie tight with any cloth. It cures piles moles.

43. Syphilis: Mix forty ml juice of henna’s leaves and thirty grams sugar-candy together. Drinking it regularly for 10-20 days ends burning sensation of syphilis.

44. Rheumatism:

  • Grind leaves of henna and castor and make the paste. Applying it eliminates rheumatism pain.
  • Grind fresh leaves of henna and make dark paste. After that, apply it on the affected parts at night, it provides relief in disease.

45. Cracked Hands and Feet: Applying henna is useful to get relief in cracked hands and feet.

46. Psoriasis: Washing the leaves of henna in which mix soil vermilion and grind with water properly. Apply it on the affected parts, it cures psoriasis.

47. Hands-legs twisting: Grinding leaves of henna, apply it on the hands and legs. It provides relief in hands-legs twisting.

48. Tonsillitis: If anyone has been suffering from increasing tonsillitis, boil henna’s leaves and prepare a decoction. Giving it to him to gargle provides relief in tonsil.

49. Prickly Heat:

  • Apply a paste of henna on prickly heat, it cures the disease totally.
  • Mix henna’s leaves in water and take bathe. It provides relief in prickly heat.