Henbane flowers are green and light yellow, which blossom in clusters and purple lines present upon these.Introduction:

       Henbane plant is grown in many states of India. It is found in hill areas from Kashmir to Gadhwal on the height of 8,000 to 10,000 feet. Its plant is some bigger than the caraway plant. Its root is very thick and has tiny pores (roain). Its leaves are long, wide and divided into parts. Its branches are also hairy (roain). Its flowers are green and light yellow, which blossom in clusters and purple lines present upon these.

Name in different languages:

English      -       Henbane

Hindi         -       Khurasani Ajwayan

Sanskrit    -       Parsik yavani, Madkarini, Yavani

Gujarati     -       Khurasani ajma

Marathi      -       Khurasani oova

Bengali     -       Khorasani

Telugu       -       Kurasani vamm

Dravidi      -       Kurishani vaanam

Persian     -       Tukhmvang

Punjabi     -       Khurasani ajveen

Tamil         -       Kurasani Yomam

Useful in different diseases:

1. Tooth problems:

  • Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of henbane and resin together and after that press it under the teeth. Toothache is cured by using this process.
  • Boil henbane and pyllitory root 5 grams each with water and gargle with it because it helps to end toothache.
  • If the child is habitual of teeth grinding, mix some rock salt with caraway and give it to the child before going to bed at night. Using this process abolishes the habit of teeth grinding.
  • Filling ground henbane seeds in the tooth hole is useful to destroy teeth germs and end toothache too.

2. Ears pain: Mix henbane seeds in sesame oil and drip 2 drops the ears to end ears pain.

3. Gums bleeding: Gargling with decoction of henbane leaves twice a day prevents bleeding from the gums.

4. Stomach worms: Take 5 grams jaggery in the morning and after sometime, take 1 to 2 grams soaked henbane (soak in water for 1-2 days). Using this process kills stomach worms and brings out them from anus.

5. Stomach pain:

  • Mix henbane seeds with jaggery and give it to the patient, it ends stomachache due to gas trouble.
  • Stomachache is cured by taking 12 grams henbane seeds powder with 250 milligrams black salt.
  • Take 2-4 drops of henbane oil with 1-gram powder of dry ginger and take 15-20 milliliters decoction of aniseed. Stomachache is cured by using this process.

6. Liver problems: Henbane oil should be coat on the liver because it ends chronic pain of the liver.

7. Urinary problems: This disease is cured by taking 15 to 20 drops oil of henbane seeds 3-4 times a day. It also ends retention of urine and breaks stone.

8. Uterus pain: If any woman has been suffering from uterus pain, make a stick (batti) from ground henbane and put it in the vagina, it provides relief from uterus pain.

9. Arthritis: Make henbane seeds warm with sesame oil and rub it on the affected part; it provides relief in pain of rheumatism and waist pain.

10. Breast pain and swelling: Grind henbane seeds with wine and coat it on the breast, it ends breast swelling and provides relief in pain.

11. Vagina pain: The woman should take 2 to 3 grams henbane seeds with lukewarm water twice a day because it ends vagina pain.

12. Nail sore: Pain and sore of the nails are cured by taking a decoction of henbane seeds twice a day.