This disease occurs in the part just below the anus and starts in the form of swelling

There are two types of pile-

External (outer) pile-

        In this case, pile occurs out side the anus as a swelled lump or small in shape like a bunch of grapes along with violent pain and itching sensation.

Internal pile-

        In this type, pile appears inside the anus in the form of lumps and warts and do not appear from out side. But, it is hanged down outside when anus opens. Blood goes on dripping as drops from it. This type of pile is further divided into two types- bleeding takes place in one type and in other, bleeding is absent. In this type, violent pain and itching are found.


        When constipation persists in a person or he/she is suffering from profuse urination (urination in extra volume), eats spicy food stuffs additionally, working by sitting at on place for a long time or he/she is suffering from any liver related disease, remains careless about the cleanliness of his/her body, etc., he/she can be suffered from this disease. To prevent this disease, avoid all the reasons said above and should remain careful about the cleanliness of the body. 

Treatment of hemorrhoid/pile through magneto therapy-

        For the treatment of this disease through magneto therapy, magnet is used directly on the anus. In this treatment, keep two magnets closed together and then let the sufferer to sit on them. If he/she feels any difficulty in sitting on these magnets, the magnet should be used on his/her soles. Blue oil should be applied on the affected part or where he/she feels itching sensation and pain. In this disease, if the warts are being infected progressively, North Pole oil should be applied on them.

Other treatments for avoiding piles/hemorrhoids-

        One should remain careful about his/her body cleanliness and should not take liquor. He/she should always take normal (without too much oil and spices) and nutritive foods, but should take carrot, radish, cucumber, spinach, green leafy vegetables, apple and mango abundantly in his/her diet.