Heloderma is used for curing condition like paralysis in the body parts and shivering in many parts of the body. 

Most unusual function of Heloderma drug has been found on the rat eyes. Specially, it affects the eyeballs, and makes pupils dull. The patient suffers from exophthalmus caused by blood pressure in the rear of the eyeballs. According to Homeopathic principals, this medicine is used for curing several symptoms of diseases. The patient feels excessive cold and cold waves from the rear of the head to feet or as if waves are increasing upwards. Giving Heloderma to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.         

Useful in various symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

Heloderma is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive despair, eyelids heaviness, pain in the left ear and right ear which aggravates in the rear of the head. The patient feels as if he will fall down towards right side and a cold bandage is tied around the head. The patient also feels cold pressure inside the skull. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Face related symptoms:

The patient who feels facial coldness, stiffness of the facial muscles and feels as if something is crawling on the face, etc. should take Heloderma. It cures above symptoms quickly.

Mouth related symptoms:

Heloderma is used for curing problems of tongue dryness along with softness, feeling over thirst, difficulty in swallowing the food and feeling of tongue coldness along with cold breathing.

Chest related symptoms:

Heloderma should be used for checking problems of slow pulsations of the heart, tiredness caused by hard working and feeling of coldness in the lungs and heart. 

Back related symptoms:

Heloderma is the great remedy for curing burning sensation of the back bone with feeling of cold across the scapulas.    

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

  • The patient suffers from shivering in many parts of his body.
  • The patient suffers from muscles cyanosis of many portions of the hands. 
  • The patient feels coldness in many parts of the body.
  • The patient feels as if he is walking and the feet have been swelled by that crop of; he suffers from trembling.
  • The patient can not put up his feet more than his normal conditions of feet while walking and puts heels pressurly on the earth.   
  • The patient feels coldness like ice along with burning sensation in many parts of the body.
  • The patient gets relief from muscular pain and body parts caused by stretching.

These symptoms can be cured by taking Heloderma.  

Fever related symptoms:

Heloderma should be taken in the cases of fever along with coldness and feeling of excessive codlness like ice in many organs of the body. Sometimes, the patient also can die due to above symptoms. This medicine provides quick relief from these problems.    


Camphora and Lachesis are used for curing chicken pox, blisters in the lower portion of the tongue, mental disorders, retching, frequent salivation and difficulty while swallowing anything. Heloderma is also used for curing above symptoms. So, Heloderma can be compared with Camphor and Lackesis.  


The patient should take 30th potency of Heloderma for curing diseases.