Hellonius dyoica




Mostly, Hellonius Dyoica is used for curing women diseases. The woman suffers from anemia, replacing the uterus and weakness caused by mental reasons or tedious work. Giving this medicine to the suffered woman provides quick relief in the above symptoms.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Symptoms related with replaced uterus:

Hellonius Dyoica is very useful for checking uterus weakness. The woman suffers from replaced uterus (uterus comes outwards) caused by weakness due to tedious work and mental reasons. Giving this drug to the suffered woman cures above symptoms and makes the uterus normal.   

Gynecology symptoms:

Hellonius Dyoica is an excellent remedy for checking weakness of the body and the uterus membrane caused by excessive bleeding in beginning of menstruations and bleeding more than blood forms in the body. The woman also suffers from breasts swelling along with pain in the beginning of menstrual flow, this pain aggravates by touching. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.   

Diabetes related symptoms:

Hellonius Dyoica is very useful in the beginning of diabetes. In diabetes, the patient suffers from excessive urination, clear urine, sugar with urine, weakness, irritation, depression, restlessness and lips dryness along with the feeling of over thirst. Giving this medicine to the suffered woman provides quick relief from the above symptoms.    

Albuminuria related symptoms:

Specially, this disease occurs during pregnancy. The woman can suffer from old and new albuminuria. In this disease, the woman suffers from excessive body weakness, laziness and feelings of tiredness. The suffered woman does not know about the reason of this disease. These symptoms can be cured by taking Hellonius Dyoica.  

Basti (the lower area of the navel) related symptoms:

Hellonius Dyoica should be used in the cases of back inflammation, back pain, inability to bear even little touch on the uterus and feeling of heaviness in the lower area of the navel (Basti). It provides quick relief from above symptoms of the suffered woman. 

Uterus symptoms:

The woman who suffers from mental and physical weakness due to involving much in sexual intercourse, many diseases related to the uterus, etc. should take Hellonius Dyoica. It cures diseases and ends weakness.


Some properties of Lili, Ferrum, Alletris, Phosphoricum-acidum, etc. can be compared with Hellonius Dyoica.

Some properties of Alletris, which are used in the cases of excessive body weakness and replaced uterus, can be compared with Hellonius Dyoica.    


These symptoms aggravate by walking much, in the beginning of menstruations, after menses and objection by someone. 


These symptoms are ameliorated by involving in the work and do not thinking about diseases.


Mother tincture of Hellonius Dyoica should be taken in 6th potency.