Helianthus is used for curing many types of diseases like- catarrh, cold, coldness and thick coats inside the nose. It also provides relief to the patient.  

Useful in different symptoms:

  1. The patient suffers from pain in the joints of his left knee.
  2. Vomiting caused by hot, and disease symptoms are reduced after vomiting.
  3. The patient suffers from constipation and black stools.
  4. Skin redness and feeling of warmth.
  5. In stomach diseases, the patient suffers from retching and vomiting.
  6. Mouth dryness along with black movement of the bowl (black stools).


Helianthus can be used instead of Arnica and Calendula for curing few external diseases of the body.


The patient should take 1st to 30th potency of Helianthus.