Hedychium Spicatium



Hedychium spicatium is brown from the upper side and white from inside.Name in different languages:

Hindi             -       Kapoor Kachri, Shoduri, Sitruti

Sanskrit        -       Shadgrantha, Sugandhmula

                            Shati, Palashi, Gandhpalashi

Marathi         -       Kapoor Kachri, Sir, Sutti, Beltikachhar

Gujrati           -       Kapoor Kachli, Gandhplashi

Bengali         -       Karpor Kachuri

Latin              -      Hedychium spicatium

Colour: Hedychium spicatium is brown from the upper side and white from inside.

Taste: It is bitter, spicy and fragrant.

Structure: The leaves of hedychium spicatium are like turmeric leaves. Its root has tuber like mango ginger (Amba Haldi) which is called “Hedychium spicatium” after drying.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of hedychium spicatium may be harmful for the liver.

Comparison: It can be compared with sandal, mint and wild violet.

Dose: It should be taken in the quantity of 4 grams.


        Hedychium spicatium is small and spicy. Its juice is bitter, pungent and spicy. Its fruit is bitter and hot in nature. It eliminates vatta and kapha. It enhances the strength of the body and gets rid of pain. It causes of anorexia and stops vomiting. It makes the digestion system normal and gets rid of stomachache. It is stimulant and purifies the blood. It also ends the weakness of the heart.         

        Mouth remains fresh by chewing hedychium spicatium and it is expectorant. It is beneficial in cough and scrofula. It enhances the sperm count and brings the urine. It is a good remedy in amenorrhoea, child diarrhoea and amoebic dysentery. Apply its powder on the swelling affected part. Its use reduces swelling. Its use stops vomiting and gets rid of pain.

Useful in different diseases:

1.Vomiting: Grind hedychium spicatium with water and make small tablets equal to kidney-bean of this paste. Take 2-3 tablets to stop vomiting. Its use provides relief.

2.Offensive smell of the mouth: Offensive smell of the mouth disappears by chewing hedychium spicatium.

3. Hysteria: Give about 120 to 240 milligrams hedychium spicatium to the afflicted woman. Its use reduces sexual lust of the woman consequently; the woman gets rid of this disease named hysteria.