Hedeoma is considered as very useful remedy for curing symptoms of gynecology especially in nerves problems.   

Hedeoma is also used in the cases of ureter pain, stomach pain and red sand-particle coming with urine. It provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

Hedeoma should be used for alleviating sironcha poison.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

 Hedeoma is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive weakness of the body, unconsciousness due to laying and patient also gets relief by laying, head warmth as if head has been cut by anything and feeling of excessive coldness in the morning along with head heaviness.

Stomach related symptoms:

Hedeoma is used in the cases of stomach inflammation, stomach pain due to taking anything, retching and white layer of the tongue. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Hedeoma should be used in the cases of stomach pain, ureter pain during urination, flatulence, straining pain from the kidneys to urinary bladder, slight burning sensation along with pain in the upper portion of the left kidney, desire to frequent urination and inability to hold urine with in few minutes, and patient gets relief after urination. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Gynecology related symptoms:

Hedeoma is the great remedy in the cases of leucorrhoea along with itching and burning sensation of the vagina, back pain like delivery pain, woman gets relief by moving the body and pain with accumulated blood near the ovary glands, this pain is like strain and pressure downwards of the ovary glands.   

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

Hedeoma should be taken in the cases of thumb pain, feeling of cold, pain in many parts of the body, paralysis situation in many organs of the body, pain along with shock in many parts of the body, pain due to moving and walking, pain of jarkings (Kandra muscles) and feeling of sprain along with swelling of jerkings.  


The patient should take 1st potency of Hedeoma.