Hecla lava




Specially, Hecla Lava acts on the gums, bones and teeth by that crop of; diseases related to them are cured. Hecla lava is prepared with the volcanic ashes. 

It acts effectively on the jaws. It is an excellent remedy for curing bones diseases, gums-blisters and teeth problems.

Hecla lava should be used for checking tumours in many parts of the body and bones weakness (destroy). Hecla lava is better than all other medicines.

Useful in different symptoms:

Tooth-related symptoms:

Hecla lava is used in the cases of teeth worms, tooth damaged after decaying, ulcers in the bones of gums, gums-boil, wound, sinus, toothache along with swelling around the gums and feeling problems due to remained part of tooth after uprooting. Mix 2x potency of Hecla lava with 24x grain glycerin and apply it upon the teeth. It cures all problems of tooth.

Pyorrhoea related symptoms:

Hecla lava should be used as tooth powder for curing pyorrhoea.  

Bones-related symptoms:

  • Hecla lava is used for curing bones inflammation, boils or pimples of the bone, chronic diseases of the bones and ulcer of the nose bone.
  • It is the great remedy for curing rickets.
  • It should be used for curing tumour in the neck bone along with swelling.
  • Hecla lava can be used for curing the enlargement or damaged of the front bones to downwards feet.

Face-related symptoms:

Hecla lava is an excellent remedy for curing ulcer of the nose bone, ulcers on many portions of the face, neuralgic pain of the face and hardness after enlargement of the neck glands. 


Some properties of drugs like- Calcarea-iodata, Kali, Silicea and Mercurius etc. can be compared with Hecla lava. 


2x to 6th potency of Hecla lava should be used to cure different types of symptoms.