Heat exhaustion


(exhaustion due to heat)


       Sometimes, a person feels excessive exhaustion due to too much heat. A person feels exhaustion when he comes out in sunlight, travels, wears many clothes than the need in summer season and works in airless rooms. Many persons become unconscious due to excessive heat.  Skin of the victim becomes cool due to this disease. Pulse of the patient becomes slow too in this disease. The victim gets relief by taking rest for some days.

Treatment of this disease by naturopathy:

  • A patient of this disease should live on a cold place to avoid heat.
  • The patient should rub wet cloth on his body by drenching in cold water. The victim gets rid of this problem by doing so.
  • Apply mud pack on the forehead of the patient to get relief.
  • If temperature becomes low than the normal temperature. Wrap a cloth around the legs by drenching in hot water. Make the patient cover with a blanket on the body.
  • Mix honey and lemon juice in hot water and give to the victim to drink. Desired energy produces in the body by doing so. The victim gets rid of exhaustion by doing this.
  • Apply cold application on the chest of the patient of exhaustion. Heart becomes active and circulation of the blood becomes normal.