The heart often beats normally, but when someone do physical works, his heartbeats is increased more that normal. Heart beats also become fast due to excitement or fear. It also becomes fast after hearing sad and happy news. Sometimes it also becomes fast due to high blood pressure. There are three types of heartbeats. 

Fast heartbeats:-

This type of disorder can occur due to much activeness of the thyroid gland in those diseases in which adrenal secretion is more. Mostly, Caffeine and coffee also increases heartbeats.   

Irregular heartbeats:-

Mostly, this type of disorder occurs in over aged people. It occurs due to taking liquor (alcohol) or disease in the heart cartilage.

Additional heartbeats:-

Normally, it occurs due to worry or it is also a sign of heart disease.


When heartbeats become fast, mostly the sufferer concentrates on his stomach. Sometimes, symptoms like- vomiting, headache, obstruction in breathing, coldness in the hands, legs, etc. occur with it.

Few tips for keeping heartbeats as normal:-

Restlessness increases heartbeats. We should avoid tension so that heartbeats do not increase. We should must follow daily routine regularly and do all our works regularly. We should take food and rest regularly. Yoga and shithalikaran helps to decrease nervousness. Stop taking caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, etc. to keep heartbeats normal.

In the case of fast heartbeats, take treatment and follow above said instructions.  

Heartbeats and drugs used in it:-

1. Aconite- Heartbeats in which the strength of the heart persists, Aconite 3 or 30 should be given to the patient.

2. Nux-vomica- Nux-vomica 30 should be taken in the cases of heartbeats due to indigestion and is aggravated after taking meals, air filled in the stomach and constipation occurred after taking meals, etc.

3. Pulsatilla- In women, heartbeats occur due to indigestion. In the case of indigestion, loose motions also come with heartbeats. Heart pain occurring due to gout does not stay on a place but goes on moving. Thus, taking Pulsatilla is very effective in such heartbeats. This drug should be also used in heart disease occurring due to side effects of indigestion.

4. Carbo-veg:- If gas forms after taking meals and heartbeats are increased and the patient gets relief after coming belches, etc., Carbo-veg 30 should be used.

5. Moschus- In the cases of slow heart beats, unconsciousness due to heart disease, etc., giving Moschus 1 or 3 at an interval of every 20-20 minutes.

6. Crategus- If the patient feels as if heartbeats have stopped, giving 5 drops of the mother tincture of Crategus 3-4 times a day is beneficial.