Heart problems and their types



          The heart of a person works in the form of two different pumps. Impure blood is present in the right side of the heart and pure blood is present in the left side of the heart. Both kinds of blood cannot mingle to each other because a kind of wall named septa is present between the two parts. It has been felt generally that blood goes only one direction viz from atrium to ventricle. It happens because of the valves situated between the mouth of veins and arteries and ventricle which open in the heart. The work pumping blood is done by the regular expansion and contraction of the strong muscles of the heart. The muscles of the heart get instructions to expand and contract from the electricity of the heart. Complete system to supply electric commands and messages is present in the heart.  

        If there is any kind of disturbance in this system, the heart becomes affected from any disease. In this stage, working capacity of the heart becomes affected by anyway.