Heart diseases related to blood conduits

Heart diseases related to blood conduits


        There is an augmentation in the symptoms of disability or death-rate in the patient due to heart diseases which are related to blood conduits. Coronary arteriosclerotic diseases and ischemic heart diseases are included in it.  

        The heart is that part of the body, which supplies blood in the whole body. The pure blood circulates in the whole body by it by which all the parts of the body get energy and they do their work properly, but coronary arteries, which flow from aorta, supply blood and nutrition of the muscles of the heart. Main coronary arteries are present on the heart layer whereas small arteries are inserted in the heart lumps. Coronary arteries of the left side supply blood to the external part of left ventricle.

        Whereas, left coronary arteries supplies blood to the lower part of left ventricle along with the right ventricle mostly. Normally, the circulation of the blood in the arteries of human body is about 225 ml per minute, which is 4-5% of complete blood of the heart. If any person does extra work, the heart increases the capacity of supplying blood 4-5 folds than normal capacity. It circulates the blood towards the high pressure comparison to normal pressure of the arteries consequently the work of heart is increased 6-8 folds in the high conditions. The blood circulation of the arteries increases 4-5 folds for completing essential nutritive elements of the heart.

        Coronary arteries disease is such disease in which blood circulation in the heart starts to reduce than normal speed. In such condition, the heart is not able in getting blood in enough quantity. In this situation, the patient can suffer from heart attack with light pain in the chest. In this disease, these symptoms keep on originating due to 75% contraction of arteries cavity normally. There are many and different causes of the origin of coronary arteries disease. There are two main causes of it as athro sclerosis and coronary arteries spasm.  

        Athro sclerosis is such condition in which cholesterol and other element keep on gathering in the part of wall near the cavity and soft cells of the muscles of the arteries wall in excessive quantity by which this wall becomes thick. The real cause of making the arteries wall thick is not clear till this time but it is considered that arteries wall becomes strong due to smoking, high concentration of the blood clot, high blood pressure, diabetes and other many causes.

        Besides the muscles, cells and other things, which gather, increase the resistant of blood circulation after bringing out in the cavity. Often, it is developing and finally blocks the nerve completely.  

        Coronary arteries spasm is such condition in which contraction originates in any soft muscles of the artery suddenly and conduits becomes contracted. It is found in those person who suffer from coronary artery spasm consequently the patient feels pain in the chest while taking rest and doing physical work by which he can reach in the lap of death suddenly. There is no any cause of this spasm but smoking, depression and surapan are considered main causes of it.

Treatment of heart disease by yogic activities-

        Do the practice of yoga to end heart problems. All types of heart problems are finished by it. Do the practice of seven activities regularly in case of heart problems.

Seven activities (Hathyoga)

The patient of heart problems should do the practice of jalneti.

Yogik activities to cure the diseases of the neck and chest-


Do the practice of hiradyastambha asana, pawan mukta asana, vajra asana and shashanka asana.


Narishodhana and ujjayi


The practice of yoga should be done twice a day for 40- minutes regularly.

Preksha dhyan

Do the practice of long breathing activity in this activity. During the practice of breathing activity, concentrate your mind on the heart and coronary arteries.


Concentrate your mind on the boldness in this activity.

Changes in daily activities

Keep your mind and brain away from the mental problems while doing the practice. Do not smoking and try to avoid from other intoxicating substances.


Take light food, fresh fruit and vegetable while doing the practice of yoga. Food always should be taken on proper time.


The food should be taken less than the appetite in the heart problems. Do not use meat, excessive protein, milk, oil and more spicy substances.


        Do the practice of all above mentioned yogic activities one by one carefully. The practice of jalneti of shatkirya activity should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru.