Hart attack


Symptoms of heart attack:-

In the case of heart attack, the sufferer feels violent pain in his chest and is moved to one hand or both the hands. Sometimes this type of pain is moved to the neck and jaws that causes more troubles. In this case, the patient feels more difficulty in breathing, vertigo, sweating and irregular heartbeats. The lips or nails become white or blue; symptoms of sticky sweat with restlessness are also found in this disease.      

In the case of heart attack:- 

If a person has suffered from heart attacks, first of all make him as lying down on the bed carefully. After that, loose all the clothes of the patient especially the clothes near the neck, chest and waist; keep the bandage of hot water on the forehead. If the patient has become unconscious due to heart attack, try to make him as conscious by patting on the head, shaking or by pouring cold water on his head. Do not give anything to eat or drink in this condition.            

After doing above activities ask his condition or check his physical and mental condition by shaking him. If there is no any movement found in the heart, treat him immediately.

In the case of heart attack, take his A.B.C test- check that he is breathing or not. Keep his mouth as open and carry him to an open place. If phlegm, mucus (cough), vomiting materials or blood, etc. found in his mouth, clean them. Check by keeping hand near his nose that he is breathing or not.

If the patient is not able to breathe even after doing above activities, do following activities-

If the patient has become unconscious after heart attack and he is not breathing, give breath (oxygen) to him with the help of your mouth and check that his chest expands or not. If he is not breathing even after doing such activities, it should be considered as obstruction in breathing pipe (respiratory tube).

In this case, check his pulse and try to hear his heartbeats by putting ear on the left side of his chest. If pulse rate or heartbeats are not found, hit his chest with your fist. If this activity is failed too, try other plane. 

Give cardiac massage to the patient and see the lines of middle bones of his chest. After that, keep the two fingers of your right hand on the upper part of chest bones and then keep the left hand on the right. And then, push the chest bones about one and half to two inches. Do this activity until doctor came. Give artificial breath to all who is above 9 years old at an interval of every 5-5 seconds and after giving 11 times, check his pulse and heartbeats.