Heart and Blood system



         Our body is affected by massage because of the blood circulatory system. Massage controls especially to the small blood pipes and nervous system. Many deeds of body are done properly and rapidly by using massage. Some such deeds are as excitement in arteries, accumulation of blood, working capacity of body organs, nutrition, excretion of juice from the body, cleanliness, absorption of digestive juices etc. Thus, massage brings a change in all the bodily activities. Pressure increases in the arteries because of excitement caused by massage on the veins and lymph glands. Lungs, skin, intestines, kidneys start to become clean rapidly by massage and activities of metabolism work rapidly.   

        When a person suffers from anemia, the hand and feet of the affected person become cool. The patient becomes unconscious because of the lack of blood in the blood pipes of head. Massage increases to the blood circulation. Red cells start to increase in the blood because of which positive changes comes in the blood. Health of a person depends on these red cells. In addition to, white cells increase in the blood and they save our body from the bacteria.