Head bath



        Head bath is very useful for the treatment of several head diseases and it keeps the head cool. The head is washed with cold water in this bath, so it is called head bath.

          This bath should be taken once a week or every tenth day. The head skin is rubbed with the help of fingers while pouring water on the head. This bath activity should taken for 5-7 minutes.

        People, who take bath properly, do not face dry hair problem and grey hair before time.

Bath technique-

        For this bath, first, sit in the bathroom easily. Thereafter, pour cold water on the head and rub head or massage with the fingers properly. Thus, pour water stream on the head for 5-7 minutes and wash the head properly. This bath should be taken once a week. Taking head bath with cold water is very beneficial.

Benefits of head bath-

        This bath is very useful in case of head problems as grey hair, hair fall, insanity, deafness, eyes disease etc. It increases the eyesight too. Hair never become dry by this bath and it is also beneficial in case of all the types of headaches. It calms the mind and brain.

       All the diseases of the head as grey mature, headache, grey hair before time, insanity, deafness, eyesight weakness etc. are cured by this bath because cold water is like nectar for the head and hair. Warm water and soap should never be used on the head. If you want to clean you hair, use Indian gooxberry water, gram flour solution, black soil or sour curd instead of soap. Sometimes, massage head by pure mustard oil to end dryness of the hair. Hair oils (which are sold in market) should never be used for massaging head because it is harmful for the hair.