Hay fever and asthma



This disease takes birth because of the allergy of grains of the corn and other foodstuffs. It is a disease that occurs because of weather changing in which mucus membranes gets affected. This disease attacks on a regular time every year.


In this disease, the patient suffers from catarrh, fever and pressure in the ear. When this disease attacks, the patient suffers from such symptoms as itching in the nose, sensation of stinking pain in the mouth palate and eyes, excessive sneezing, flowing water from the eyes, pain in the upper bones of the eyes, red eyes, itching on the eyes, headache, pain in the body, anorexia, insomnia, fever all the time, excessive laziness and exhaustion, cough due to excitement in the throat, deduction of the smelling power, changing of the voice and the condition of the patient becomes like an asthmatic patient. The influence of this disease lasts till 6 weeks.  


Mostly, Hay fever occurs because of storm, dust, fragrance of some flowers, smoke, sun light, excessive heat and any nose diseases. A person whose nature is soft may be the victim of hay fever only by seeing the painting of blossomed rose flowers. This disease can occur due to smelling an artificial flower.

Influence of allergy:

This disease originates by the protein of animals and plants, by pollen grains and by the skin after scratching and hair of angry animals. The excrement of insects may be the cause of this disease.

Do and not do:

1. Avoid from smoky and dusty atmosphere.

2. Vitamins should be present in rich quantity in the meal of the patient.

3. Light physical exercise is necessary everyday.

4. The fat clothes and mat or sofa of the patient should be removed. Wrap cushion and pillows by plastic cover.

5. The residence of the patient should be neat and clean.

6. Cover face or nose with hanky while going outside.

7. The patient should wash his face, hands, hair and sprinkle water on the eyes.

8. Flour should be clean.

9. Cover the face with hanky or mask while cleansing anything.

10. Avoid gardening and colleting the heap of grass.

11. Don’t go near the animals.

12. The patient should not go outside in the allergic weather.

13. Vitamin-C should be taken in enough quantity to avoid from this disease.  

For reading tips click below links     Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Lachesis:


    The patient of hay fever becomes well by taking 30 potencies of the medicine Lachesisis. The patient suffers from such types of symptoms as headache along with new coryza, sensation of pain in the nose; this pain originates when the discharge of nose is prevented by any heavy drug, headache after waking up due to pausing the coryza, sensation of fear of headache after waking up and sneezing again and again. The patient should take Lachesis medicine for treatment. If excessive sneezes come after waking up, one dose of high potencies of the medicine Lachesis destroys the disease.
    2.     Sabdila:


      Mostly, this medicine works well on the mucous membrane of nose and tears the glands of eyes. If excessive water flows from the eyes and nose, 3 potencies of the medicine Sabidilla should be taken. Its use provides relief very much.
      3.     Sticta:


        If the patient of hay fever suffers from these symptoms as feeling trouble along with violent headache, sinus in the forehead, blocked nose and sneezing again and again, the patient should take 6 potencies of the medicine sticta. All the symptoms disappear by taking this medicine. This medicine provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from these symptoms as excessive discharge from the nose and cough badly at night.
        4.     Alium sipa:

        Alium sipa:

          The medicine Alium Sipa provides a lot of relief to the patient if he suffers from watery nose. This medicine should be taken in these conditions as constant sneezing, watery nose and eyes, red eyes, pain in the forehead, catarrh and aggravation of the symptoms of the disease inside the room.
          5.     Sabadilla:


            If the patient suffers from excessive discharge from the eyes but there is no inflammation in the secretion, the medicine Sabadilla should be used to get relief.
            6.     Ufrashia:


              If the patient suffers from inflammation in the eyes along with watery eyes, the patient should take Ufrashia medicine for treatment.
              7. Arsenic:


                If the patient of hay fever suffers from high fever and sensation of excessive weakness, he should take arsenic medicine for treatment.
                8. Arsenic as an anti pyretic medicine:

                Arsenic as an anti pyretic medicine:

                  When this disease has been spreading, 3 potencies of the medicine Arsenic should be taken at the regular intervals of eight hours continuously for one or two weeks. Take this medicine continuously after the time of hay fever. It is useful. 30 potencies of this medicine can be taken for the treatment of hay fever. Hay fever subsides by taking the medicine Ars Iodide.
                  9. Sorin:


                    If the cause of hay fever is psoric-subjects and the patient suffers from such symptoms as intolerance of cold, desire for lying all the time and itching in the body, he should take 30 potencies of the medicine sorin. All the symptoms disappear by its use. Its one dose should be taken at the regular intervals of four hours.