Harmful medicines



There are several medicines available in the market, which prove harmful for sexual power. Mostly doctors have no sufficient knowledge about these medicines. If they have knowledge, they do not tell about such medicines. Here one example about it has been given. There was a man who was the victim of mental disturbances and high blood pressure. He went to a doctor and the doctor prescribed him medicine to control high blood pressure. Sexual power of the man has reduced by the use of medicines prescribed by the doctor. He met to the doctor again.

The doctor stopped the medicines given before and prescribed new medicines. By taking these new medicines, sexual power of the patient came back but he started to suffer from high blood pressure again. The doctor changed the medicine again but this time his problem of high blood pressure disappeared. This time his sexual power disappeared again. The victim met to the doctor again and told everything to the doctor. Medicines should be changed again by the doctor. This time, he got rid of high blood pressure along with regaining lost sex power.

One famous sexologist says that many doctors prescribe such medicines, which weakens sexual power of a man. Some medicines are taken by the men without consulting to a doctor, which are available in the markets.

Medicines for blood pressure:-

  • Alpha methyl doper (endowment), clodin, racergin and gwanethiden and other medicine reduces sexual power of a man. Such medicines enhance the quantity of a liquid substance named prolactine because of which a man becomes impotent.
  • The medicine named Indrol (propenol) reduces sexual power of a man and symptoms of impotency start to occur.
  • Spiero nolactine, a medicine which increases urine in the body, enhances prolactine hormone and due to this reason a man reduces his sexual power.
  • Medicines like Bita spen, beta blocker, elphadopa, indrol, dopajit,ketapress and archmin create obstruction in the erection process of the penis.

Medicines for brain diseases:-

  • A man, victim of mental disturbances, takes such medicines as elprajolam,elprex and julex. The man faces premature ejaculation and lack of full erection in the penis because the use of such medicines.
  • The medicines as diapejam, walliam and compoje are taken to sleep. These medicines produce laziness in the brain. A man loses his sexual power too by the use of such medicines.
  • Some medicines as librium and iqulibrium (clor diajopoxcide), which create calmness in the mind, affect to the brain very much. Sexual urge and sexual power of a man reduce very much by the use of such medicines. 
  • M.A.O. inhibiter, tricyclic, and other medicines make a condition of anti colienergic because of which sexual power reduces.
  • Tranquillizers, that are used to cool down central nervous system, reduce sexual power and desire in a man.
  • Sexual power of a man reduces if he takes such medicines as floextin hydrchloride (prodepflunil) and emtriptilin hydrchloride (elawell and quayatal) to get rid of depression
  • Nervous system of bladder becomes lazy by the use of anti psychotic. This medicine becomes the cause of low sexual capacity.
  • The medicines codiene and marphine are used as painkiller. Such medicine produces the symptoms of impotency.
  • Cocaine, intoxicating hemp, opium, heroine emphatamine, marijuana and other medicines are used by men to enhance sexual power. Excessive use of such medicines reduces sexual power of a man.
  • The medicine named eldopa that is used in the disease parkinsonism enhances the level of the hormone named dopamina. Sexual power of a man enhances very much because of the use of this medicine.

Medicines related to hormones:-

  • Siprotoron (anti endrogen), kitkonajal and other medicines reduces testosterone hormone because of which a man becomes impotent. 
  • The medicine thyroxin is used in the disease named hypothyroid. If this medicine has been taken by a man without this disease, he will lose his sexual power.
  • Level of Testosterone hormones reduces in the body if the medicine named estrogen is used on a large scale. This medicine arouses sexual desire in a man and semen enhances.

Other harmful medicines:-

  • The medicines as renitidin hydrochloride, renitin, simetidin, altek and other medicine are used in the disease named ulcer. Erection power of the penis and masculinity of a man reduces by the use of such medicines.
  • Etropin, probenthin, skopolomin (anti kolinjerk) affect on the blood veins and reduces sexual power or a man.
  • The medicine named acitilcolin reduces the quantity of chemical of marrow tissues. This medicine creates obstruction in the penis.
  • The medicine named parchlorophenil-alnin (P.C.P.A) is used in karsinyd syndrom. This medicine reduces the quantity of sirotonin in the brain. Because of which sexual power of a man enhances very much and the victim becomes puzzled very much.
  • Afidrin, salbutalmal, tarbutalin and other medicines, which are used in breathing problems, produce the stage of sympethomimetik. A man loses sexual power by its use. 
  • The medicine named dysalpharine is used by a man to get rid of the habit of drinking wine. Its use produces the symptoms of impotency in a man.
  • To end the velocity of the brain such medicines as heloperidol (helidol and depidol), chloropromojin, thyoridajin hydrochloride (melojin and thyril) and lithium are used. Sexual power of a man reduces by the use of above-mentioned rule.
  • The use of Steroid medicines (prednisolon) affects bad on the nervous system of the penis, which brings sexual weakness in a man.
  • Sexual power of a man reduces if he takes such medicines as anti histamin, anti allergic and decongestant. The man has no interest in sexual relations after such medicines’ use.
  • Kantherdin, found in the Spanish fly, creates inflammation in the ureter because of which there is no erection in the penis. If the penis gets erection by anyway, there is fast pain and inflammation in the penis consequently, he gets no sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.  

Medicines, which reduce sexual power in women:-

  • If a woman takes contraceptive pills, sexual power of her reduces.
  • Excessive use of such medicines as floextine hydrochloride and amitrio-tylin hydrochloride reduces sexual interest in women.
  • Women, who take medicine to reduce high blood pressure, reduce their sexual power. Such women get orgasm during sexual intercourse hardly.
  • Hormone named progestin reduces sexual power of a woman.
  • Many women take fenufluramyn hydrochloride to look beautifula, thin, active and to reduce hunger. The use of this medicine reduces sexual power of a woman.
  • The medicine named ergotamine (mygranil and ergophen) is used to get relief in the disease named migraine. Its use reduces sexual power of a woman.

Useful tips:-

  • If one person has been feeling sexual weakness because of the use of medicine, he should consult to the doctor soon necessarily.
  • Medicine should be taken by purchasing from stores. Take medicine after consulting to a doctor.
  • A man should not take those medicines, which were taken by another man in same symptoms.  
  • A person should be nervous if there is lack in sexual power after the use of some medicines. The person should not take second medicine in place of first due to nervousness.

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