Happiness and health

Happiness (pleasure) and health

        A person becomes as, he thinks. The nature of each person is his own thoughts. From beginning, we are changed according to our environment (locality). Actually, happiness is a wonderful power that gives patient during loose hearting. It makes the poor rich and is a true friend at the time of helpless. 

Easy ways for getting happiness:

        Laughing is very beneficial for our health. By laughing, we are become healthy physically and mentally as well as feel appetite. A person who is cheerful does not suffer from constipation. Such people eat much and digest it well too. The stomach muscles gets strength by laughing that helps in digestion easily. Due to it, blood starts to circulate well in our body that is very necessary by the view of our health.


          Laughing is also a type of useful exercise. For it, several nerves of the mouth, neck, chest and stomach have to take part in it that makes them strong and functional. It is a good exercise for sense fibers of the brain and nerves of the mouth and stomach. The cheek of a cheery person is round, beautiful and shiny as well as his face remains gloom like a rose flower. The people having cheerful nature do not become the victim of lungs related diseases. 

        By laughing loudly, different diseases are cured by itself even dangerous disease like T.B. is also cured by laughing. By it, chronic constipation is cured too.

        When we sit alone, we should laugh in our mind with remembering any jokes and should laugh before mirror. We should talk with small children, because we get chance to laugh while talking with them. We must laugh loudly (hearty laugh) minimum 2 times daily so that we can protect our body from diseases. By laughing, wrinkles do not fall (appear) on the cheeks and remain young for longer.


        A person having smiling face is liked by everyone and that person also feels very happy by smiling. In case of any problem, we should face that problem with smile, because our half problem will be solved by itself.

        In schools, the children are advised to smile always. We should talk with any patient with smile; it provides much relief to that patient and his pain (troubles) are divided. The people who remain smiling in both the conditions- happy and sad, is blessed. It is said that mild nature, little smile on lips and few words with sympathy can give as much happy to anyone as can not be purchased by lakhs of rupees. There is no any charge we have to pay for laughing and smiling and we remain happy by them.   

Humming (singing with closed lips)-

        The third means of happiness is humming. Whistling by mouth or by singing any favorite song with closed lips, we get lots of peace and remain away from different mental disorders.


        Singing is an infallible means of happiness, but it does not mean that we run for being singer leaving all our works. We should sing any song whether like untrained. It makes us happy.


       Entertainment, laughing, jokes, etc. all is the different ways of remaining happy. If entertainment is absent in our life, we are depressed physically and mentally. Thus, we must entertain ourselves anyways during holidays (leaves). Any work in the world whether it is our favourite if doing continuously for longer, tiredness comes naturally. So we must entertain us by any type of entertainment.

        By entertainment, our body and mind both develop and we do not get tiredness easily. The people above 40 years should need that they must adopt any means for entertainment. It helps them to live remaining life happily. Many of them entertain their selves by doing bhajan-kirtan, worship, etc. some of them like swimming for this purpose.   

        If women can not able to take part in entertainment with men, she should read books. Women in village entertain their selves and their friends by singing a song with playing dholak. Different types of games also come as means of entertainment. While playing, all types of worry, shock, sadness, etc. are disappeared from our mind.

Treatment of diseases by the means of entertainment:

        Lots of means are needed for the entertainment of patients comparison to healthy people. An expert doctor always tries that his patient does not think about his illness (disease). It can possible only when he remains engaged in any type of entertainment. In the condition of any disease, we can make the patient happy with the help of giving hope, sympathy and entertainment.

The biggest pleasure (happiness) of the world is healthy body (disease free):

        If we will search health, we will find that being healthy (disease free) is depend on our daily routine work. The people living around mountain remain healthier than those who live other area. Living healthy life is not difficult for us. It needs self determination. For it, we should follow natural daily routine. For this purpose, we must walk in the morning then take bath. After that, breakfast having sprouts, seasonal fruits and milk should be taken. In lunch, we should take chapatti, green vegetables, curd, whey, fruits and vegetables juices or vegetable soup and in the evening, chapatti, green vegetables should be taken. We should go to bed early and get up early in the morning. By following this type of daily routine, our health becomes best. It gives activeness in the body and the ability of doing work increases. It will eliminate anger and irritation. If we follow natural daily routine regularly, it will make our body healthy and disease free.   

        Eating habits affect our whole family. If we take food untimely or taking excess spicy food, it also affects our children and they will also make their health worse. If we take balanced diet, our children also will start taking balanced diet. Today, diseases like- over weight, heart disease, constipation, gas, etc. occur due to being careless about our food and eating habits. According to naturopathic doctor Dr. Heal-all jeep, diseases of our body start from our kitchen. Kitchen is a place where we can cook food favorable of our health.  

        Today, the daily routine of our modern life has changed completely. Daily routine starts from getting up late in the morning. After that, taking tea, go to toilet after tea, taking tea again after coming from toilet, brushing, bathing, after that taking breakfast including bread, toast, peas, kachauri, pacauri, jalebi, biscuits are also with tea. After that, one’s goes to office. In lunch at noon, taking fast food, tea in the evening and dinner like that of lunch then watching television and then ones goes to bed at 11 o’clock. A person follow such daily routine can never live a happy life. In this daily routine, there is no place for exercise and rest. At a result of it, he is suffered from constipation that generates other diseases.

        We should always aware about our health. European does hard works for good health. In early, walking and exercising were considered as waste and time killing works in our country, but it is changing today. By opening health club and natural clinic everywhere, people start its use for making their body healthy.  

Health and its aspect (point of view)-

        Our health depends on that which type of our aspect about health is. Some people believe that the fat body is the sign of good health while some believe it as a disease. According to them, different types of diseases like- diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. can be occurred due to fatness. A fat person is not able to run fast and is not able to do any work with activeness; he starts panting even after doing little work. It clarifies that fatness is harmful at a view of our health.

        In this way, our diet also influences on our body. Many people make their health worse after eating outside food items like- chhole-chat, pacori, etc. and then have to spend more money on treatment. While some of them try to prevent diseases before its occurrence. According to them, if a person will not become sick, he has not to need to go to a doctor. It is the difference of our point of view i.e. one of them has to face illness even after spending money while other does not spend money and does not become sick too and live healthy life. 

         If we knew the reasons of our diseases, we can keep our health in sound condition. The reasons of most of the diseases of our body are unbalanced diet, wrong way of living, negative thought and tension of our life. Protecting our body from these diseases is our duty. Abstinence is very necessary to cure most of the diseases. Our body gets different dangerous diseases by taking additional tea, coffee, tobacco, cigarette, pan masala, etc.

        If we take eatables against our body nature, the body can not remain healthy. Our stomach that is made for food, if we take only fried, spicy food stuffs and such stuffs that are bad for our body, the health is affected. If we stop taking such food stuffs and perform fast or take light diet, our body remains healthy and will again become active. It means that keeping our body healthy is in only our hands. If we wish, we can keep our body healthy in a natural way by following natural daily routine or can make our health worse by following different types of wrong ways.