Hands’ beauty


Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


     All the body organs of a woman improve her beauty and hands also have a very important role in a woman’s beauty. Beautiful and soft hands can be the center of attraction for all. It is the hands which show the symptom of aging first of all. Hence, hands need too much care to avoid them from wrinkles and to make them smooth and soft whether you are seventy years old. 


       Put on rubber gloves before washing clothes and vessels. Mix one fourth spoon lemon juice in one spoon cream and single pinch of turmeric properly and apply on the hands before putting on gloves.

       Apply glycerin lotion on the hands properly before sleeping at night. For it, mix half cup glycerin in one cup rosewater and one fourth cup lemon juice. Fill this preparation on the hands and apply on hands before sleeping at night. 

       Hands remain far from cracks even in too much cold if sesame oil is applied on them properly.

       Mix one spoon olive oil, cream, rosewater each half spoon and a few drops of lemon properly in a fine lotion. Apply this lotion on the hands before one hour of bath and rub properly. Its use ends the roughness of hands.

       If your hands are black, mix lemon juice, white vinegar and cream and rub on the hands. This formula fairs the skin of hands and makes them shiny.

       Your nails should also be pretty along with beautiful hands. Nail gnawed away through nails ends the beauty of hands. Gnawing nails is the sign of mental disturbance. To get rid of this habit, apply something bitter on the nails. White spots appear on the nails because of the presence of bubbles inside the surface of nails. There can be some spots on the nail because of injury. In this case, there is no treatment of nails. Nails will come out as they grow.

       Dry nails have crusts and their edges become a little high. To avoid this problem, apply olive oil on them before sleeping at night.

      You can avoid ugly and damaged nails by increasing the quantity of calcium and braverse yeast in your diet. Generally, dissolve one spoon gelatin in fruits’ juice, milk or tea and take. This preparation ends the problem of crispy nails.  

        Lemon juice is also very good for nails. For it, fill juice of one lemon in a bottle of varnish and apply this preparation on the nails twice a day with the help of brush consisted in the bottle. The nails become strong and beautiful by doing so.

       Lotion made from rosewater can remove the spots on the nails and fingers. For it, mix one spoon glycerin and three spoons hydrogen peroxide in five spoons rosewater. Fill it, into the bottle and use according to need.

       Nails’ manicure becomes essential once in a week to sustain the beauty of nails. But before doing so, you will have to remove nails polish brushed on them with the help of good remover or acetone. Nails will get fresh wind and sun by doing so. Mix one spoon glycerin in a bottle of acetone to avoid it from too much dryness. It is cheaper than the nail polish. Before nails’ manicure, hands should be cleaned properly in soap mixed lukewarm water with the help of brush.

       To remove upper skin from the nails, apply cuticle remover on the nails with the help of cotton wad. Cuticle remover loosens and softens upper skin of nails and cuticle. They should neither cut nor push back forcibly because lively tissues of nails get damaged because of it. Now, clean the tips of nails again and rub dead skin first with towel and then dry rub. 

       Now, rub a little lukewarm oil on the nails and then mop them properly to remove oiliness. Now, rub nails with sand in egg shape not to the close of nails. Drench a cotton wad in hydrogen peroxide and cleanse nails from the bottom side. Now keep your hands on the table and paint single and equal layer on the nails.

       Don’t paint nails on the both side to give them thin and long shape. Paint another layer of nail polish after drying the first one layer completely. To dry nails polish painted on the fingers soon, drench your fingers into ice water for sometime and then dry them. 

       If you don’t want to apply nail polish for ever and want natural glow on them, you will take the help of ice along with good and nutritive nails. Thus, you will have to make your nails smooth. Buffer is a pad of cotton on which there is a layer of samara skin. If you polish on the nails without warmish, blood circulation becomes fast by doing. Thus, nails become shiny and strong.  

       You can prepare a good nails polish at your home too. For it, mix one lemon juice in two spoons henna powder and make thin lotion by mixing hot tea water. Thereafter, apply it on the nails with the help of brush. Let them dry for half hour. If you keep your nails in ice water for some time before the application of above preparation, your nails will become red. If you smoke or apply nail polish always, your nails will become spotty.

       In this case, apply hydrogen lotion on the nails before sleeping at night. Mix one big spoon hydrogen peroxide in five big spoon rosewater and fill it into a bottle. Thus, you will be the mistress of beautiful and attractive nails.