Hand practice




        Hand-practice is such type activity, in which the patient rub his penis with the hand alone and he is discharged his sperm. By doing this activity, many types of mentally and physically disorders occur. The mentally patient does not hesitate from other person by doing this activity. Mostly, unmarried persons are done this type of activity. The women are done this activity too. They are rubbed his vagina by fingers and they are discharged her semen. It is also called masturbation.

If stops velocity of coition, any types of diseases can occur:

Treatment by different Medicines:

1. Small caltrop: Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of small caltrop and sesame together. Take 4-8 grams this powder with mixed milk of sugar candy twice a day regularly; it is useful to end disorders which occur due to hand-practice. It is also useful to cure impotency caused by hand-practice.
2. Poison nut: The person who suffers from impotency due to hand-practice should take about ¼ gram poison nut twice a day.
3. Wild lettuce: Take 1-3 grams powder of lettuce seeds twice a day regularly, it helps to control in passion.
4. Belpatra: Take 10-20 ml juice of it twice a day; it helps in control to passion because of that removes the mind from hand-practice.
5. Coriander: Take coriander decoction as ratio, it provides relief in hand-practice.
6. Caltrop: Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of caltrop fruit and sesame together. Take 3-6 grams this powder with goat milk; it is useful to end all disorders, which occur due to hand-practice.
7. Indian gooseberry: If sperm has become thin due to hand-practice; firstly, patient should give up bad habit of hand-practice. Now grind equal quantity of Indian gooseberry and turmeric together thereafter, toast it with ghee. Mix equal quantity of ground loaf sugar in this preparation and take one spoon this mixture with hot milk, it provides relief in disorders of hand-practice. This medicine should be taken twice a day.